Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Egyptian Diplomat Freed

Dear Mouse,

I would like to hear the reactions of the Prime Minister of Australia and the US Defense Secretary Rumsfeld on the release of Qutb, an Egyptian diplomat.

He was abducted on Friday after the Egyptian government thru spokesman Magad Abdel Fattah told The Associated Press that Egypt was "willing to help" in Iraq.

According to the news, the kidnappers did not ask for money when they released the ambassador.

The "managed news release"said that the group that kidnapped him REALIZED that Egypt was not sending troops to Iraq, the official said from Cairo.

CAT sez: Hinayupak na...(ooops,ooops,ooops)they would like the world to believe that Egypt did not give in to the demands. It suddenly dawned on to the group the fact as if they were enlightened. Hallelujah,hallelujah...so THEY SAW THE LIGHT. SO THEY RELEASED THE DIPLOMAT. Just that simple.Haaah. They would like me to believe that? And the Filipinos were called cowards and one Filam Republican Michelle Malkin called the Bataan heroes, bastards and the Australian prime minister used us a scapegoat for the threat the country received for sending their troops to Iraq.

The Ca t


At 12:10 PM, Blogger Dr. Emer said...

Masyado ngang discriminatory ang mga yan. Tahimik sa iba, pag tayo, kinakawawa palagi. Kalmutin mo nga! :)


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