Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Angel of Death

Dear mouse,

It's sad news really.

The boy accused of killing nine people in a shooting spree first shot his grandfather and his companion, then donned the man's police-issue gunbelt and bulletproof vest before heading to the high school, where he shot students and teachers at random, authorities said Tuesday. FBI agent Michael Tabman said Jeff Weise appeared to be acting alone in Monday's rampage and the motive was unknown. When it was over, 10 people, including five students and Weise himself, were dead.

His father committed suicide and his mother was brain damaged in an accident.

He is not a normal kid in the block. He admired Hitler, he was drawing people shooting each other.

Even a classmate thought that the drawings of boy-killer made him cringed because he can see the anger inside. This schoolmate was not even a psychologist.

Is he evil ? or just a lost, confused boy?

sad,sad really.

The Ca t


At 3:22 AM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

i think the boy is just confused and was not properly guided. very sad really. "The Angel of Death" title is accorded to Klaus Barbi, a German doctor who expremented on the Jewish prisoner during WWII, wherein he experimented surgical procedure to patients w/o anesthesia.hmmmmmm!!!


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