Tuesday, March 18, 2003

TRIBUTE TO WOMEN This CAT is composing a poem as a tribute for women. How can the poor cat think when the coffee shop is noisy with the debate going on ...about WOMEN... Jude: I do sometimes wonder what men would do without women …. Bagwis: That's elementary, miss J Watson. Men will simply go to sleep in the garden of eden and wait for god to take part of their ribs to create women. But ... that is a silly question in the first place - woman was intended for man as it was in the beginning and ever shall be ... Cat writing the poem: In the bible, woman may have been written down, From the ribs of man, she might have come from: That she was intended for man, she may frown, Why is it, she is wearing the crown ? Jude: HUH?????? Don't think so Luis. Man only got here first as a beta test Gie: that's a good one Jude Jude:I take my bow. Thanks, but I'm pretty sure Bagwis or Edgar will pop back with something to top it! – Edgarbb: We could have gotten a much better edition, but we blew it. When Adam was lonely, he asked GOD, I want a woman who will do all the housework, give me the beer when I want it, let me walk around the house in my jocks, and give me fantastic sex anytime I want it,. What do I need to give to get it? God answered , an arm and a leg. Adam said, Forget it. What do I get for a rib? The rest is history. Cat: still writing the poem You wanted a woman to do housework, To give you beer while you hold the remote, To let you walk around in Tarzan’s loins, But she holds hold the purse of your paper and coins. Bagwis :You guys might be joking but you articulated what I had in my closet all the time. This is all about the story of creation. At the end of each day, the scripture reads: "And God saw that his work was good ...." The work in progress was experimental - beta test - only to be determined as good at the end of the day. Now NOW, hold your fire, W. I am not an apostate... Wander: The creation story is a beautiful story to unfold....So tell us again why it was from the ribs B? Bagwis: I don't really know, W! I can only guess. Since the ribs are support on the side of the body, perhaps He intended woman as a side support for man. Cat:still writing the poem She will accept the “support side” of the “ rib”. Behind a successful man is a woman, she may believe. For a man without a woman is unthinkable, It is like playing basketball without a ball. (what has this line to do with woman, erase, erase erase) Edgarbb: Uh-ohh, dem's fighting words, man. I think you askin' for trouble- big time. You gals usually take "it" lying down (wink), but you gonna take this lying down too? That you be playin' second fiddle, only as side support for man??? You willing to play that role this side of the Creation, forever and ever??? Anyhow, I better keep my trap shut lest I be gelded by my own kind for inciting rebellion amongst the side supports. Cat: still writing the poem You may hurt a woman with your words, You may make her cry with your thoughtlessness; But just like the Sphinx, she will always rise, And haunt you for the rest of your life. (with their nagging..oops) Jude: Oh, "spare" me a rib please....... sorry, I just don't buy into the "man is the king of the household" bit. It's a partnership in my mind. But.... to each his own. Bagwis : Right on j. That's why women are delectable ... yummy yummy Cat : what is yummy. What are they talking about this time ? haaah, at least I finished the poem without the help of these humans. Quotation of the day: Behind every great man is a great woman-


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