Monday, March 10, 2003

THE CAT CATCHES MOU.errr,COLD Bad bad bad cold. The CAT cannot understand why humans can send astronauts to the moon, quarrel about nuclear bombs and invent the Internet (whosezwhat) but for CAT'S SAKES, it cannot develop a vaccine against COMMON COLD....sniff sniff sniff. They call it common cold when it is not caused by a single microbe. haah. What they call common is a complex illness,a collection of various respiratory viral diseases Achoo, achoo achooo. They can come up with a drug that can knock out rhinos but they canot produce an antirhinovirus -one of the types of the viruses that invade the body systems causing mucous production, coughing and sneezing. HUMANS... Quotation of the day Feed a cold: starve a fever achoooo


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