Saturday, March 08, 2003

The CAT NEEDS A PAT They say hatred is self-punishment. I am consumed by hate since last night. I punished myself by washing the refrigerator inside-out. I scrubbed, rinse and wiped until it is sparklingly clean. I learned a lesson today. The color of my refrigerator is WHITE and not cream. By the way, my hatred is directed to my mouse. I was copying some posts and the mouse just went into a shock and froze. I have to reboot and lost all the files. ****************************************************** It occurs to me, though, that behind everything, a lot of people are really uncomfortable showing affection and emotion in appropriate ways. Wander expresses it thru poem. In my wanderings, all my socks got holes, never had time to darn them torn soles; But from a Chinese shop I have with me Green bottled oil I'd willingly pour on thee. Here, drink my coffee as I fall on my knees. Eat my sandwich too if you like cheese; Let's rub that right foot first then the next, Gently infusing warmth till your spirit is vexed. Let's celebrate your life as you grow ideals and rebellions will always follow; Patience, understanding. perseverance and loyalty All you can do without if you remain a single entity. That's the privilege of the free.... CAT:It is without title. I surmised it must be Ode to Singleblessedness. ************************************* CAT expresses also thru a poem. i am exhausted but i cannot sleep (the clinking of the cup keeps me awake. Drink your coffee somehwere else humans. Give this cat some peace.) i am lonely but i cannot weep (CATS do not cry nor laugh. They merely grin.) i am angry but i cannot speak (CATS do not talk, silly. You are reading my thoughts. If cats talk, it is time to make an appointment with a vet.) i am hungry but I cannot eat (am on a diet) But the strudels look tempting. yum yum yum Quotation: Poetry seems too simple and a natural thing but not all men are born poets.-CAT(mweheheh)


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