Wednesday, March 12, 2003

THE CAT SINGS?????? One day in your life, you'll remember a place, someone touching your face... you remember, one day.... one of the songs of the Gloved One that I like. The other one is : When you're down and troubled, and you need some loving care... ONE Day in my life, i pause and stop making decisions, forming opinions and taking a stance. One Day in my life, I try to picture someone who will hold my heart and grow old with me...someone who will laugh to something fabulous or stupid that I have done...someone with a face that i will see before i got to sleep at night...someone who will dream with me...a house by the sea, a porch that is open to the breeze and the sun...a living room to frolic ...and a kitchen... and a kitchen...and a kitchen.... can we skip that...i rather order to go.... so much with W would say, get out of the real world.... got to go and become a grinch in the workplace. anybody touches my desk is damned.!!!!!!! Some people cannot afford to dream anymore. First time in their lives, they saw their retirement kitties dissipate in mid-air. From a house-by-the-sea-dream, it may just be a cardboard box in the future with the way the global economy is shaping and the stock market doing roller coaster rides. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh So I am starting to save by my grandparents' tradition, piggy banks. Please spare some DOLLARS. Quotation of the day- A penny saved is a penny earned. CAT: I said dollars. What will I do with pennies ?


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