Thursday, March 13, 2003

THE CAT IN THE PAD According to W. Dyer, boredom entails an inability to use present moments in a personally fulfilling way. According to this CAT, boredom sets in (Multiple choice).... take you pick: 1. when you have so much time to look at your clock go tick tock tick tock 2. or the lazy bug has just bitten you 3. or you are suffering the B syndrome because of broken heart, the I wanna die or life is meaningless for me stuff... here are some words to live by: 1. Time flies, but fruit flies like bananas 2. a day without sunshine is called night. 3. try smiling and people will wonder what you're thinking 4. a dog's life is a good life for the dog 5. Love is an ocean of emotion---sometimes there is calm and sometimes there is turbulence. When there is tranquility, it is boring. Hit somebody with a book and start a fight...THIS CAT WANTS a FIGHT...gringringrin. Quotation: Idleness -The higher the climb, the longer their working day. And any young man with a streak of idleness to him may make better make up his mind at the beginning that mediocrity will be his lot. Without immense, sustained effort, he will not climb high, he would not stay there. For to keep at the top is harder almost to get there.-James Cardinal Gibbons CAT: ano raw ? ************************** I am in a zombie mood; eyebags could weigh a ton.I would be a millionaire if I sell it by pounds. . Reminder to the ME(myself:) get earplugs...multitasking earplugs...protect the eadrdrums from intense sound and the out of tune singing of my human pet. This American Idol has left her virtually dreaming to become a pop-idol too. I do not have the heart to tell her that even if she colors her hair fuschia, she still sounds like a cow mooing, a chicken clucking, a dog barking ( ow how sweet, she has lasagna for me) …AN ANGEL SINGING… ***************************** MY human pet organizes her bureau for a month and disorganizes them after a few days. She got to do-it, task lists, post it notes- all over and an organizer but what comes handy is the number that she writes in a napkin, a receipt..etc... Her book shelf looks neat. There are no books in it. The books are under her chair, all over her bed, on top of her desk tops, in the wash room, dining table..and my LITTER BOX. This calls for WAR. (with or without UN sanction). Quotation: Imperfection-It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are, the more gentle and quiet we become towars the defects of others. CAT: hm


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