Friday, March 07, 2003

HOW ABOUT A LAUGH, CAT? For a few moments, I got serious..wheww I feel sick but I do not want to use lol. In my native language, that means stupid or fool if you write u before the word. U-lol.sinulat pa....nweheeee ****************** he loves me he loves me not he loves me he loves me not. (howcumthesepeoplehavepullallmypetalsjusttoknowifthatsomebodyorsomeonetrulyloveslovesthem) stopitpeople.pullyourhairinstead. groans the rose before its last petal was pulled. YO DO NOT FIND THIS FUNNY, HUMANS? ... WELL THINK OF A HEAD THAT IS JUST LIKE CHICKEN THAT HAS ESCAPED FROM A DRESSING MACHINE... YOU STILL DO NOT FIND IT FUNNY....HAHAHA AND I THINK LAUGHTER IS CONTAGIOUS. It is not funny yet? Well good...SLAMS aw aw....MY aw aw....mwehehehehe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Quotation of the day He who laughs last- was the last to get it. mweehheehehe


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