Saturday, March 01, 2003

What CAT? This is a blog. Other blogs chronicle even the blogger’s call of nature, complete with the moaning of one who badly needs Metamucil. Well, teho.( I thought this was my favorite soybean milk curd, taho.). To each his own pala. Need some vitamin supplements for my brain. ( I will pencil that). Initially, I plan to do the same. I will write the things that I want to say, a mere yay, or groan or quotations or sayings, my sentiments, my observations that do not need responses. You are not shackled to read. Do not worry it is not the end of the world if you do not find it interesting. So what is brilliant about this blog. Nothing. If there are Sympathy Cards, Get well Cards, Birthday or Anniversary, this is the market niche that the Greeting Cards Industry has not fully tapped-The” I cannot believe it feeling Fabio commercial ” card variety.In short letting the emotion without the card to do the expression.(Am talking to myself). I decided to let the humans in my favorite coffee shop do the talking. Cats do not talk; only in the commercial where even a gecko can drive a sport scar and the squirrels do high five. The people are real. They are not imaginary friends. The wonderful wit, humor and wisdom of Len, Edgarbb, Wanderlust, Jude, Gie, Jude, Philamgypsy and the now you see, now- you- don’t- bagwis make you think coffee is better than the chicken-and-the-egg soup for the soul. Talking about commercial, this cat brings you down the memory lane of commercials. After watching Spy Kids 2, I came up with the spy monitor that enables this cat to listen to the conversations of the coffee addicts. (bwahahahahah, sinister laugh with the background of thunder and lightning). We are right on the dot. The honcho of the group is delivering her welcome speech. She shares power with the co-founder of the café, Wanderlust.. Len: Yes, I welcome each one of you to the coffee table and I hope you know the drill.... last one in brews and pours the coffee, lol, not to mention, you get to run to the nearest doughnut store, and it's your treat, (laughs like Austin Power). Edgarbb : Coffee is the common denominator. It's the ambrosia of the gods. Wanderlust : Aha.. To the Gods and goddesses... now I bow!!! Len: Edgar, I still remember Reyna ng Vicks ! But I was still too young then. And PURICO! ! I shudder to think we ate all that lard! ! Oh and do you remember the tune for LIWAYWAY GAWGAW and TIKI - TIKI ? ( United American Tiki - tiki ). Our maid used to listen to radio shows and I couldn't help hearing, esp. those afternoon radio dramas of Kuya Eddie ! ! I loved to listen to GABI NG LAGIM and KATOTOHANAN BA O GUNIGUNI at night and my mom would be annoyed with me for listening and getting scared... couldn't walk around the house without company . Oh, my, a real trip down memory lane...... give us some more Edgar. Edgarbb: Am here too, dear friends. Yeah, a trip down memory lane. Purico, I almost forgot that brand, equivalent of Crisco here I suppose. Do you know that some cake icing is made of Crisco? I know because I took cake decorating a while back and the recipe calls for Crisco instead of butter. It's a good thing I don't eat the icing or it would have clogged the arteries for sure! Gie : How about Baguio oil, do you remember that? Order ni Misis, Baguio oil. We may enjoy these old commercials but Jude is probably wondering what's the fuss about. Len: VR, If we use all butter in icing, it will melt at room temperature. The lard is to stabilize the icing. We may use margarine instead of the lard, but the best way to keep the form is to use some lad. Baguio oil is still there. But I think Purico is gone. I have not seen one since I was small. Wanderlust : Oh.. I am trying to recollect the ads we had and what comes so vivid in my mind is the face of that young dimpled girl in the Ajinomoto commercial.. I wonder what she looks like today. Len: W, I think the young girl in the Ajinomoto commercial was Japanese. ( tap, tap, tap, Ajinomoto ). It was a Japanese commercial. Do you know Filipino admakers make good commercials ? Our country always wins in Asia year in and year out. Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand hire our admakers to make commercials there. Sometimes they just use our commercials and dub the speaking part. When I was in Singapore, I saw the same TV commercials there, esp. the toothpaste ones. One particular PAL: ad won worldwide recognition several years ago. And that is something, what with hundreds of thousands of commercial being churned out every year in the world. I suppose even Nepal makes their own, he he he. b>Wandeslust: Yes, It was a Japanese girl but I have never forgotten that face. I do realize that we are not really behind; technology-wise but one could just imagine how far can we go if we can afford to develop our potentials to the max? Back to ads, there is a joke about the promotion of Tide in Japan..Just don't hold my head on this one but let me relate to you anyway. May I? Apparently a salesman went to a home to offer the product. The salesman wanted to show what the new and improved Tide could do. He then ask the lady of the house to hand him her white shirt. So then.. he said.."Washi washi.. see how white and bright?" he brought it to his nose and continued, "it smells so clean and fresh!" Next, give me your skirt, "Washi, washi..see how white and bright! again brought the article to his nose, "it smells so clean and fresh" Oh boy... this went on with one article after the other. The product promotion would have been a success except for one article.. He already had to change water and add more soap. The item now appeared so as white and bright yet as he was to say, "smells......." dropped it back to the basin.."washi..washi......." Oh so far as the story goes, she had replaced the water and soap but he then gave up. Don't ask me which article was that... I have a hunch but I was never told which one. All I know is that they have to subject the product for further development. :) Len: Oh, W ! ! That's gross and it's not even true. Whoever made that joke should be hanged, lol. CAT: ahem ahem...Did I mention wit, humor and wisdom? I am thinking of dropping the two ws. (Turns off the spy monitor (click)…. Mapatuka na lang ako sa ahas. The cat opens the kitchen drawer and out came: There are Chinese soups And there are Chinese soups But there is nothing like Knorr Real Chinese Soup Knorr is one of a kind Best chinese soup you can find Knorr is easy to cook Just add one egg! (crack, sound of a gong!) There are Chinese soups And there are Chinese soups But there is nothing like Knorr Real Chinese Soup! (Goodah!) Quotation of the day- Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility.


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