Monday, May 05, 2003

STORY 2 ANG LIFE PARANG SOAP OPERA Place: Tagaytay City Time : 12- 3-00 PM CAT: Utang na loob , m’re..paki rewind nga. Do I get the impression that you want to be shot in the park. Only martyrs do such a thing. (translation for m’re- an abbreviation of kumare..or mare for short. This is how you address a woman who stood as a sponsor for your child in the baptism or the mother of your god child. To my friends, this is not so. This is how we call each other instead of using our first names. The age gaps do not matter. I am not used to calling someone older than I am Ate or kuya). M’re: It is true, Mar’s.(this is her version of Mare) If ever my husband comes back, I would welcome him with open arms. We were at that resto in Tagaytay since 12 noon and my watch showed that it was half past two. A record of 2 and one half hours doing nothing but eat. Cups after cups of coffee and tea were ordered in between the never ending stories among three friends whose bond was to be a qualified single for reasons of our own. CAT: Naaman…hey Tita (a lady lawyer friend) who was busy texting her professor boyfriend. Can you knock some sense to our friend here. I can’t believe it. It is not butter. M’re: What ? (she did not get my punchline of the Flavio’s endorsement of the product of the same brand name). CAT: Wala , sabi ko maganda ka sana kung hindi ka nababaliw. M’re: I found enlightenment, Mar’s. I joined a trip to Jerusalem and although my companions are already senior citizens...some of them were even in the wheelchair, I realize I am living. CAT: But you do. You answered my calls. You responded to my-e-mails and you have traveled a lot when I was away. You are not dead. M’re: No Mars, I realized that the reason I was not living is because I was unhappy, angry, resentful and envious. CAT: Wow, who are you. What planet are you from ? Not Venus definitely. Where did you hide my friend ? She is a fast talking lady whose favorite expression is Sampalin kaya kita ng pera ko. Lawyer friend: You should add…Talk to my lawyer.(butted in while texting). M’re: I am reformed. I found out that life is not all money. CAT: Ow kaya pala..marami ka pa ring projects…But going back to the ex of yours, I heard he has already two girls. M’re. Yep, that is true. Cute babies and are commercial models in the TV. I am willing to adopt them if there is a need too. They will be my babies. CAT: Really…wow what a torture. What a martyr. Now tell me, which part in Luneta you want to be shot. I could not believe that you can even appreciate the commercial. Are you a candidate for sainthood. Just tell me what color of candle, you want me to light for you. Arghhhh arghhhhh Waiter, can you give me mineral water. Suddenly, my throat became dry. Okay, I believe you. Now can we have a drive, I want some fresh air. Lady Lawyer: Hey that is true love. CAT: Sige na nga. Pag-ibig na nga. The question is, is he coming back ? M’re: pagkahaba haba man ng procession, sa simbahan din ang tuloy. CAT. Wow, M’re, kasabihan pa yan ng mga ninuno natin. Mas matanda ka nga sa akin ng maraming tulog pero hindi ka pa naman sa categoryang Catholic of Women’ s League. Anyuway, I salute you for being that faithful. You are a gem as a wife. Hay buhay, parang soap opera. Makabili nga ng mani. (the cat approached an old woman with selling boiled peanuts outside the resto) Magkano po ? Old woman: Isang takal po ? CAT: Hindi ho, lahat ng peanuts. Lady lawyer: Are you still hungry ? CAT: Nope..Ang mani raw pampatalino. Baka madagdagan ang katalinuhan ko, maintindihan ko ang drama sa buhay ng aking kaibigan.


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