Tuesday, March 25, 2003

CAT, NOW WHAT ? So, this CAT missed this nook for a couple of days. Busy, busy, busy....arghhh Today, all women in the office will be honored in celebration of WOMEN's DAY or is it month...my brain fog... WE were rquired to come up with a number. I cannot dance. I got two left feet. I cannot sing except when I am in the bath. So I am going to recite a poem for WOMEN. Bless my soul. One of our guests is a poet laureate. SHE IS A WOMAN She can have the faith, when times are hard; she can give love, till it breaks her heart, She can see the sun through drops of rain; she can laugh even when she is in pain. Yes she is a woman. She can even turn gray clouds into white, Like a star she can shine in the night. Her kindness has conquered strife; her spirit is a beacon that brightens life. Yes, she is a woman. She has a heart's goodness that shines through; Make the raindrops to diamonds of dew. Without her, there will be no meaning in a song. Without her, there will be no joy in the morn. Yes, she is a woman She can make you swear to tell the truth Without her even trying; She can give you joy and make you laugh Even when you feel sad and hurtin’. Yes, she is a woman She can be wise and sometimes fool She can be sweet and sometimes cruel, For all your faults, she can be blind, As long as she doesn’t change her mind Yes she is a woman. She can be as scheming as Cleopatra, Or can be mysterious as Mona Liza She can be a saint like Mother Teresa And she can be beautiful as Cinderella. She is a woman…


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