Thursday, March 20, 2003

INTERVIEW WITH GOD ON WAR CAT: I saw the tape of Saddam. HE is invoking your name. GOD is the Greatest. GOD :I did. Have you watched the tape of Bin Laden; he invoked my name more than a dozen of times. CAT: Tell me, does that mean that he has your blessing and he will be spared. GOD: Tell me,what do you know about the ten commandments ? CAT: They are 15 oops. ten GOD: Do you read anything about ME condoning war ? CAT: But your ten commandments are only for Christians. GOD: Those are the ten commandments but summarizing them into two; they apply to all religion. LOVE GOD and love thy fellowmen. CAT: The vaguer it becomes. They love GOD but they kill their fellowmen. GOD: Just because he says my name, do you believe that the war is waged for me. I do not live in his one hundred palaces. I do not enjoy prosperity at my people's expense. I enjoy my power but I do not use it to annihilate people who turn against me. I welcome them back in my fold. Now tell me, for whom and for what does he wage war for ? CAT: Afghans declared holy war against the US when it searched and intended to destroy Bin Laden. GOD: Yes, after they destroyed the statues of Buddhas and kill Christians, they call my name for help. CAT: So you did not help them. GOD: They are all my children, Moslems, Christians, Jews can I side to one of them to kill another ? CAT: why did you not prevent the WAR GOD: I did not create ROBOTS, CAT. I created beautiful human beings with their own free will. SO free that some do not even believe that I exist. SO free that some of them want to play god. SO free that they think they have power over their fellowmen's lives. CAT: SO you admit that your creation is imperfect. GOD : I created human beings not gods. CAT: But why do you tolerate despots, tyrants ? GOD: DO you know the saying CURIOSITY ...ahemmmm Tyrants come and go and when they go, it is not a very gracious exit. Do you know a tyrant who died peacefully ? CONSIENCE is what makes human beings above my other creations, including you, CAT. YOu may think that they have no conscience but deep in themselves, they were bothered by their consciences. Some became mad, some drink themselves to death, some got sick and some wished they have not been born at all. CAT: How do you know this? GOD: Who do you think is with them when they are about to die ? CAT: If they are evil, then S must be with them, waiting to snatch their souls and bring them to eternal fire.That is what the bible says. GOD : Because. CAT, I still hope that their last breath will be that of repentance. CAT: Why don't you just tell them to repent so they will not go to hell. GOD: Because I want it to come that from their hearts. Anything that is forced is not real repentance. With the evils that they have done, I could just have said GO TO HELL. CAT: and why not ? GOD: Because that resident of hell will be happy. CAT: But why do we still have despots, cruel leaders of nations ? They call each other evil and they pray so help us GOD. Are you going to help ? If yes. who are you going to help. GOD: I will not help any of them. There are deep seated issues that you do not know, CAT. I will enjoy watching their latest toys of destruction. Mine are natural. CAT: Hey, what GOD are you who enjoys watching carnage ? GOD: Watch out for your tongue. CAT. I went down to the history that I am a revengeful GOD; that I helped the army against the Moslems and the Moslems thought that I help them too. MY pr machine did not do wonder in cleaning my good name. I guess, I have to hire a more aggressive one. CAT: Are you talking sense GOD? GOD: I have been talking sense my dear CAT. But it is my creations who can not understand that for every thing , there is a reason. There is a reason for the leaves to make way for new leaves to grow. The dry leaves decay and become part of the soil to make it more fertile and form a new soil layer. There is a reason for you to cry, Tears clean your eyes, clear you heart . There is a reason for calamities. The World cannot continue with all these old people of the first century living with the 22nd century people. I do not the reason why I am talking to a CAT !!!!!!!! Did you say your morning prayers. CAT: God, give me lasagna for my lunch. GOD: Granted. Just keep your mouth shut. Will ya ?NOw back to my CNN. where is my remote ? Quotation: War is too important to be left to the generals.


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