Thursday, May 01, 2003

YOU MAY BE WONDERING This cat can feel that the minute cells of her body are trying hard to break the seemingly regular sleeping pattern that she adopted since her vacation. The normal sleep nowadays start from 3:00 am to lunchtime the following day but since work hours start late morning, the cat has to drag herself out of the bed, do the morning rituals and try hard not to fall on her face in her desk due to sleeplessness. Upon coming home, she would pass out as soon as she hits the pillow. Two or three hours later, she would wake up. Unable to fall back to sleep she would lie awake in the dark with her mind wandering.. leaving her exhausted…Her attempt to write leaves her emptier.. No creative juices flowing…she cannot justify her sleeplessness due to creative endeavour/intellectualization like her college days when she can write a paper shortly after dawn of the day it was due for submission. She watched reruns of old sitcoms and wondered why a nanny does not look like a nanny. Tired of watching the channels showing non-stop army operations updates in Iraq, she would click the channel where guests in a talk show were hurling insults and trash to each other. Even in her passivity, she learned a lot knowing the sordid details of the underside of the culture of the country. Quotation for the Day- It is easy to learn anything because they understand everything too soon.- Emmons


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