Monday, June 16, 2003

SAMUT-SAMOT Samut-samot is the Tagalog word for Miscellaneous. I want to use Tagalog words from my newly bought Tagalog-English dictionary. oooops that should have been a secret. I want to impress some people that I know the meanings of "malalim" na Tagalog. There were a lot of books in that booth of Filipino-made products and crafts, namely..Ibong Adarna...( i was tempted to buy it), Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang, Florante at Laura. Rare books really. **************************** My friend just gave birth to a baby girl. This is their first-born. Welcome to Planet Earth Baby. Next in the calendar is the Christening. **************************** I was out the whole day Saturday so Sunday, I decided to stay home. ringggggggg Friend: hello...wassup hey Me: Wassup yourself.. blah blah blah Friend: do you know that we're talking for 1 hours 49 minutes and 35 secs. Me: I didn't call, u did. Friend: i am using my cell phone, free 3000 minutes weekend. I have few hours more. Me: kya pala..byebye, i got stiff neck. alreadi. ring ringgggg Friend: hey..tsika tayo. Me: its long distance... Friend. I just switched to another carrier.... Me: okay Friend...I got a tsismis ....u remember... Me: talaga ? blah blah... Friend...gotta go. I got to pick up my mom Me: Okay Friend: Could not believe it, we've been talking for 2 hours. Me: I guessed so, my whole body is stiff. Four hours marathon...can somebody take me out from the couch. araaaay rinnnggggg Answering machine: HI, sorry, I miss your call. if you are a telemarketer, just leave your name and message and i will not call you back. If you want to reach the CAT, sorry she cannot come to the phone right now. She is literally stiff-necked. .


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