Friday, June 13, 2003

FRIDAY THE 13TH The most dreaded day of the year. But why 13 ? and why Friday?. It could not be because of the Last Supper. You know 12 apostles and Jesus. There were 13 of them but it was not Friday. It was Thursday or was it ? Besides, this superstition preceded the Chistian's Last Supper and Good Friday crucifixion. Considering that many primitive customs were "adopted" by the early Christians, in order to make it easier to reach the pagans and convert the non-Christians, it is not surprising if this was a supersition of ancient religions. This may not even superstition at all. I am thinking of a possibility that there were activities that people of authority would like to limit to 12 so that they conveniently spread the rumor that one more visitor will result into bad luck of the thirteenth diner. Rumors passed on soon become facts and embed in the beliefs and practices of the society. I do not know, I am just a CAT. Methinks that ancient people would not like to count after 12, not only ancient but also those people who designed the multiplication table. But why bad luck? Is it realerymamqwtyy,, bad luck?mbgns,qwtyr. Dear Diary, How come my ksyboard is typ,-=ing strange? Is it because it is Friday the 13th today ? The CAT Diary: No, it is because of the minute sunflowers' seeds under the keys. Time to clean it CAT. The CAT


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