Wednesday, June 18, 2003

PAIN, PAIN GO AWAY I am tripping down memory lane when we used to sing Rain, rain go away please come back another day, little (insert name) wants to play. When the rain did not go away, we rushed outside the moment our mom turned her back. We did not sing in the rain ; we merely screamed on top of our lungs as we felt the heavy downpour coming from the broken dustpout like a big bath shower minus the sprinklers. Then after we were dry and warm, we would eat hot porridge or deep fried thinly sliced yam (our local version of French fries) . Dear Diary, It is now I realized the truth in my mom’s words. Enjoy your childhood for it is the moment whensimple joys can make you feel that the world is a beautiful place to live in. Sa madaling salita-mababaw ang kaligayahan. The CAT This time, the song is pain, pain go away, do not ever come back etc. etc...any day. I got a pain in the neck, figuratively and literally speaking. I used my personal holiday leave to be able to stay home even just for one day, resolved to get a good rest by staying in bed. No phone calls even if it comes from jerk who informs me that I won a trip to WZXYS wherever it is and all I have to do is to call a number. So without the knowledge of my human pet, I changed the message in the answering machine. Meow, meow, meow, meow no this is definitely not Dexter’s message to get him his favorite cat-food. Translated to pitiful human tongue, this is what my message says: Hello, Hello, speak louder please, I cannot hear you. That’s better. Now leave a message after the beep.This is a recording. Dear Diary, So you think it is funny? Wait till you hear my brother’s collections of weird answering messages and the once-upon-a time holiday-themed-song-answering- messages of my sister. I cannot remember the song she sang for Halloween. The CAT


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