Thursday, June 05, 2003

The Evils that Humans do I am one of the Filipinos who believe that corruption/fraud is not a cultural thing that is indigenous to the country. (yawn) I believe that it is more of human weakness in character that makes one succumb to one of the seven capital sins…Greed.(yawn) Studies and polls about the pattern of corruption should not be limited to the so-called Third World. For about two years now, there is 'corruption eruption'in the “First World “. The corruptions in the Third World affect the citizens of the country while the corruptions/frauds in the Developed countries affect the citizens of the World. Take a look at these news: Feds arrest third former Enron trader in Calif energy crisis TERENCE CHEA, Associated Press Writer Tuesday, June 3, 2003 Federal authorities on Tuesday arrested a third former Enron official for allegedly manipulating California's energy market, leading to rolling blackouts across the state between 1999 and 2001. The U.S. attorney's office said John M. Forney, 41, was the architect behind several illegal schemes Enron used to drive up California's energy prices. FBI agents arrested Forney at the Columbus, Ohio offices of American Electric Power, where he has worked for the past 15 months. "While California consumers were suffering through blackouts and Stage 3 alerts, Enron was manipulating western energy markets for profit through illegal, fraudulent means," U.S. Attorney Kevin V. Ryan said in a Forney concocted a scheme known as "Ping Pong" designed to evade federal price caps on California energy, according to a complaint filed in a San Francisco federal court last Friday. The strategy involved buying energy from California and later selling it back to the state at inflated prices, creating the illusion the energy was generated elsewhere. The complaint also alleged that Forney was responsible for a scheme called "Death Star," known within Enron as "Forney's Perpetual Loop," that attempted to generate revenue by fraudulently charging fees for services the company did not provide. In October, Timothy N. Belden, Forney's former boss, was the first Enron executive to plead guilty to participating in what federal officials have described as a conspiracy to squeeze California as state officials desperately sought power to stave off the rolling blackouts. In February, Jeffrey S. Richter, 33, pleaded guilty to two federal felonies based on charges he helped defraud California through a scheme to inflate energy prices during the state's power crisis. "California consumers paid big time because of the manipulation of energy traders, and energy companies like Enron," Davis said. "It's time that someone from Enron paid big time." Cat's Mood: Angry: Haaah, may they rot in prison without airconditioning unit. Former Goodwill president arrested for alleged embezzlement Thursday, May 29, 2003 ©2003 Associated Press URL: (05-29) 05:19 PDT LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The former president of Goodwill Industries was arrested for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars in donations meant for job training for disabled people, according to a federal indictment unsealed this week. Andrew Liersch, 67, will appear in federal court Friday to face charges of money-laundering and wire fraud, which prosecutors and Goodwill officials say cost the charity $26 million. He is being held without bail. He was arrested Friday at Los Angeles International Airport after arriving from Guatemala where officials there expelled him when U.S. authorities alerted them that he had been indicted by a grand jury. Cat's mood: angrier: These people are robbing poor people of money that is supposed to be theirs. Sa Pilipinas, ito ang mga taong ninakaw ang pera ng nagpapalimos na bulag at pilay. Corrupt Filipino officials fly to the United States to escape conviction while their Caucasian counterparts fly to Latin countries to escape the long arm of law. Just thinking loud. If I were a god, I would send them to an island that will sink when a certain number of these fugitives has been reached. Methinks that islands will sink at the rate 24/7. CAT Murderer From Boston Globe: The police raided two Boston area homes of Erickson rescuing more than 100 sick cats and found several cat carcasses. Just like Hitler, she would like to produce a perfect race, but this time, it is from PERSIAN... CATS. Mood: Angriest;;;;;;;What are we cats, humans ? I hope that she will have a nightmare with all black cats surrounding her. -------------------- On a lighter note: Ano tapos mo na ? Piniprint ko na, bakit ? Kasi papalitan ko sana yong time. O sige papalitan ko pagkatapos nitong limang copies. after 10 minutes: Ano tapos mo na ? Nagprint na ako ng 20. Bakit. Kasi gusto sana ni Mr. ilagay yong isang ninong sa number 2. Sige, gawin ko sa next batch. after 10 batches. Ano tapos mo na? Sampu na lang ang natitira.Bakit ? Kasi papalitan sana niya yong pangalan niya. Bakit? Kasi mabaho raw pakinggan ang Tiago. Sabihin mo magtago na siya. Grrrrrrr. Dear Diary, Akala ko babae lang ang pabago-bago ng isip. C


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