Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Hello, you got mail E-mail Did not know that you got bloody whack of sense of humor ? Why? Your blogs are funny. So what? My impression about you is different. Why so ? When I read you in that socio-cultural-poltical forum slugging it out with some high brow ego-stroking humans from Mars, I thought you are one hell of a serious lady who doesn’t know what humor is. Well. It was some pissing off contests to people who get to the google searh icon fast to impress that he is a good material for the MENSAyad crowd. I am just reacting to some people’s ridiculous opinions purely based on press releases and evil media manipulations. hahaha, that's what I am missing, girl. I can write my vague opinion about world issues but that would make other people yawn. I am ready to sleep. I may do that sometime but allow my IQ to play yoyo. I like it when it is at its lowest, I become funny and lovable. Tata, ciaooo ... just slipping a note. I will stick it to my ‘puter. Phone: Can you tell me the method how I can reconcile general to subsidiary? There is no specific method, just use your analytical mind. Tsuplada, nagtatanong lang. Wala ka ng analytical mind ? Wala, mind lang. Pahiramin kita ? Sige, kailan. Baliw. Aray, ang lutong noon. Phone: Tapos na? Di pa. Bakit? Nakalimutan mong ibigay ang pangalan ng sponsors. Oo nga pala ano ? Kasya ba ang dalawampu ? Bakit ang dami ? Sayang ang regalo. Bad, bad, bad. Biwo wang na totoo. Magkano ang regalo mo? Gusto mo ng mag-asawang sampal na nagdivorce sa dalawang pisngi? Aray. Face to face Wow nice shoes. Are you a Filipina ? Yes Do all Filipinas love shoes? All people do. Nice shoes, I mean. It is a matter of taste, maybe. Do you have lots of shoes ? In fact I do. I have 2000 pairs. You do? Dear Diary, I am happy to know that there are people whose iqs are lower than mine. C .


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