Monday, July 28, 2003

The coup that never was.... Dear Mouse, There has to be a reason why the coup errrrm mutiny happened. If I were to make a guess, a good one would be, that certain persons are getting desperate or simply have realized that they are not winnable in 2004. The CAT Dear CAT, If these soldier-boys' reason for mutiny(how come they are demanding for the resignation of the President?) is corruption, why come out only now. For sure they have been in the military when the rumored sale of weapons by the military to the rebels are known facts outside the intelligence units long before GMA's administration. But wait a minute mousey, I saw in a newspapers the pic of a soldier that can no longer be considered young officer. The Mouse Dear Mouse, This must be a dress rehearsal. This is an exercise of testing the water whether the people would mass around military personnel like they did in EDSA1. who demand to clorox the military of graft issues . Suddenly after being quiet during the uprising of the people against a corrupt government, they found their conscience to speak out. I read this crap before and the people took him as hero. Mousey, I did not see a hero then. I just saw a man who came forward, holed up several times in luxurious hotels professing that he was a change advocate when in fact, he was just protecting his patron who fell out of of his friends/relatives's graces. The CAT Dear CAT, What I see, are a bunch of soldier-loser-boys planning to launch a big coup but their plan was uncovered and they ended up running for their lives, holing themselves up in luxurios hotel/apartment in Makati, giving flimsy excuses about "corruption"and other grievances, trying so hard to impress an image of the enlightened ones to make themselves look like heroes. Shall I give them the spoiled cheese? The Mouse Dear Mouse, No need. They do not even deserve your spoiled cheese, It is all spoilitics. The CAT Dear CAT, Can the humans hear us? The coffee shop seems very quiet. Not even a squeak of a mouse can be heard. The Mouse Dear Mouse, But you are a mouse, Mouse. The CAT Dear CAT, I thought I am the Politi-CAT's analyst. OH well. Squeak, squeak , squeak Translation: Coffee, humans ? The Mouse


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