Thursday, August 21, 2003


Dear Mouse, After 20 years, many people still do not realize why Aquino is considered a hero. Sad, sad, sad, indeed. We have defining moments in history that make us great and they are taken for granted especially by self- deprecating Filipinos who take a few individuals as representative of the race. People ruled by tyrants are reduced to silent suffering cowards and Filipinos were not exceptions. During the rule of Marcos, they chose to keep quiet. The era of fear made them looked the other way when human rights were violated. The unreported anomalies and crimes were interpreted to be non-existent. Good governance. huh It took one individual and his death to make Filipinos wake up from stupor. Why is Aquino a hero? It took one Superpower Nation to remove a despot from Iraq; it took one man to lead the nation to stand up and rise against the Filipino dictator. It took thousands of death to "liberate Iraq; it took a yellow ribbon to unite the Filipino people to drive the tyrant out of the country. Kim Jong II of Korea ruled in 46 years killing hundred thousands of people . The tyrant rule was passed on to the son. If Saddam was not removed, he would pass on the rule to Udday, his evil son. If Marcos was not removed, the power could have been passed on to god knows who. The abusive media people can never call their President pandak, a lieutenant can never call his President, arrogant. They would not know what their destinies will become. Mao ruled China unopposed. People were required to chant his name and put his picture in a shrine in their homes. He died. No brave Chinese dared remove him. The ignorant juveniles of today think that being a hero is having a hulk body and is able to leap in tall buildings or fight computer generated villains. The CAT P.s. In a democracy, when people change their minds about their leaders, they resort to recall or impeachment. In the Philippines, they impeached an actor and replaced him with a former academician as the President. In Califormia, they recall the governor and may change him with an actor. Dear Cat, I will be back. The Mouse


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