Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Dear Mouse, For GMA 1. One should keep his words soft and tender for tomorrow he may eat them. The President is noted for her temper and frankness. She has no qualms about speaking out her mind against a person who caused her annoyance. During an official dinner at Calapan, Oriental Mindoro, she approached the table of the media where Tina Panganiban-Perez of GMA 7 who recently interviewed "inaccessible" Senator Gringo Honasan was seated. She informed her that the interview was conducted before the state of rebellion was lifted and, therefore, constituted "abetting rebellion". Several days and several critics after, Gloria Arroyo attempted to make up by tendering a dinner for the media at MalacaƱang, with three red roses for Tina Panganiban-Perez. 2. We cannot choose how to feel but we can choose what to do about it. It is understandable for a lady President to get hurt especially if she is working hard for the country that is in political turmoil but whatever she did would always be interpreted as infringement of the freedom of the press. Ex-President did worse in order to punish unfriendly media people. He made the purchase of the hardhitting Manila TImes by his buddy Jimenez possible to assure that the newspaper would only carry news and opinions favorable to him. He tried to bankrupt the Philippine Daily Inquirer by urging the advertisers to boycott the newspapers. 3. that the Lord did not do it in one day What made the rogue soldiers expect change in 24 hours ? 4. That no one is perfect, until you fall in love and fall in love and fall in love in search for a perfect partner The CAT Dear CAT, NO one is perfect until you fall in love and fall out of love when you find him not perfect at all. The Mouse Dear Mouse, One of the lessons is to give advice only in two circumstances; one is when asked and the other is when it is life threatening. I will give you a hint. Number 2. RUN. The CAT


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