Saturday, September 20, 2003

Cat , Mouse, Granny

Dear Mouse, Humans becoming more humane to the cats by banning veterinarians to declaw them. San Francisco's animal welfare commmisioners are looking to make the ctiy safe for cats' claws, urging veterinarians be banned from removing the part that the animals use to defend themselves and to shred their keepers' furniture. Read here I cannot wait to grow my nail and painted it pink. The leather furniture is just too beautiful... Meowwrrr. The CAT Dear Mouse, I did not know that your ancestors were as big as buffalos. Researchers say that they have found fossils for a 1545-pound giant that thrived million of years ago in a swampy South American forest. Read more. What happened mousey? Were you "downsized" by Noah? The CAT Dear Mouse, Women kill their husbands or lovers in a fit of anger or passion. This grannny strangled an 80 year old male friend after a drinking session. As to why, I will let you guess after reading the news. The CAT


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