Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Good Meowning

Dear Mouse, I overslept again that I have to cut short my morning rituals. I just realized that I applied the body lotion in my hair and my hair/sinscreen revitalizer on my face. Is ohkay, now my hair will have more body and my face will be protected by the sunscreen. Ew ew The CAT ===== Dear God( children's prayers-when they were still children) 1. Dear God, My mom told me that you can see everything. Do not tell her where I hid her broken vase. Promise I will be a good girl. bless my ... Jude 2. Dear God, My mom told me that you can see everything. Did you see my new shoes last Sunday? Len 3. Dear God, My mom said that your commendment(sic) tells us to love our neighbor. Can there be exception. I hate our next door neighbor Dexter. He put a tape in my cat's tail. Gie 4. Dear God, Is it included in your commandment to love our teacher too? Not when you see mine. Luis 5. Dear God, Bless us and the food that we are about (except for the brocolli and the spinach.) W 6. Dear God, I saw a saint with a dog. Why not CAT ? The CAT meow meow meow


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