Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Dear Mouse, There were original seven wonders of the ancient world. These were: 1. Pyramids of Egypt 2. Pharos of Alexandria 3. Hanging Gardens of Babylon 4. The Temple of Artemis 5. Statue of Zeus 6. Mausoleum at Halicarnassus 7. The Colossus of Rhodes Banaue Rice Terraces was listed among the forgotten wonders but Filipino historians claimed that it is the eight. Only one of the seven wonders survived, that is the pyramids of Egypt. The rice terraces on the other hand are slowly eroding due to underground insect infestation. It is sad that these man-made memorials of once-great civilizations are slowly disappearing from earth. There are seven cardinal sins. These are: 1.Envy 2. sloth 3. wrath 4. greed 5. gluttony 6. pride 7. lust We have also the EIGHT cardinal sin but he has retired effective yesterday. The CAT Dear CAT, Now what ? The Mouse Dear Mouse, What, now what ? The CAT Dear CAT, I do not know what you want to say about all these sevens. The Mouse Dear Mouse, I am just informing you that JAIME "CARDINAL SIN has retired already but the seven cardinal sins are still there, very much alive to our politicians and government leaders. The CAT


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