Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Civil War?

Dear Mouse, I suspect that there is massive lead poisoning that affect the brains of our politicians. Just take a look at this news. Estrada warns of civil war if Poe is barredPosted: 11:15 PM (Manila Time) | Jan. 27, 2004 By Armand N. Nocum, Blanche S. Rivera and Jerome Aning Inquirer News Service Petition OUSTED President Joseph Estrada warned the Supreme Court Tuesday against disqualifying action star Fernando Poe Jr. from the presidential race, saying an adverse SC ruling on the popular actor's candidacy could plunge the country into a "civil war." Is Poe worth dying for? These people suck. They would pay a motley group of the unwashed who would declare their undying support for the candidate and they start believing that crap. In the first hail of bullets, they would be the first to scamper and save their asses. I know nobody who died defending their movie idol or their candidates. Ano nabubuwang? Granting that there are such people,what about the opposing groups? In a civil war, there must be two warring groups. What group is going to fight for GMA, for Rocco or for Lacson? EDSA 1 did not fight for Ramos and Enrile. They fought for freedom from dictatorial government. The EDSA 2 did not fight for GMA; they ousted a corrupt official who they think was going to walk free free due to unholy alliance of some senators. So, the administration or an unseen hands are for the disqualification of Poe . So? So there was forgery of the documents? So? Filipino people would not just get to the streets to be hurt if the issue is not worth lying down in the middle of the roads to stop tanks and truckload of soldiers. There is a congregation of people everyday but not in the streets. They are in Divisoria; fighting for the best bargains that their few pesos can buy. Imagine a mother-of-pearl necklace that you can buy for only 350 pesos. They sell here in the States for more than a hundred dollars. The last time, I was there, I bought four. Good buy. Sandali, bakit shopping na ang pinag-uusapan natin. The CA t


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