Sunday, January 25, 2004

Customer Service Representatives

Dear Mouse, For a week now, I have been experiencing problem accessing my internet server. The built in fix it system, recommended me two things to do. 1. check with my local phone company if there is something wrong with my phone line. 2. check whether the two access phone numbers I added are local numbers so that I will not incur surcharge. After the menu options, I was able to get hold of one LIVE customer service representative. ALLELUJAH After listening to my woe, he told me that he was going to direct me to the person who can solve my problem. Great, thank you. Minutes passed. If not for that silly music, I felt I was abandoned. Phone:Hello, this is_______, how may I help you today. The name is American but the accent is Indian. Must be a deskhelp center from India. ME: blah blah blah blah Phone: Can you excuse me while I pull out your file ? Can you give me the name of the account. Me: Sure(Thought balloon--after you made me talk for several minutes, you do not have my account file yet?) Phone: So how do you spell the name of the account. ME: N as in Norway, O as Orange, W as in Welcome etc etc. Phone: Is that K as Kansas? ME: No C as in CAT (but of course) Phone: So what is the problem again? ME: This is the third time that I am repeating the problem. If it is a confession, I should have beenn absolved already. Phone: So how long have been you been a customer of this company ? Me: What is the relevance of the question to my problem? Phone: I am going to direct you to our internet expert so she can answer your question. Me: Okay, thank you. She will be the fourth person, I will be talking to for my problem. Phone: Hello, I am C, how may I help you? Me: (Thought baloon: If I have known that I will be repeating myself several times for one simple call, I could have taped and played itwithout havingto punish my vocal chords that have already been devastated by the two week long cough and made me sounded like a man) blah blah blah Phone: Ma'am, you have reached a wrong company. We are not the phone company, we are the internet provider of that company only. You have a different internet provider and it is best that you call them. Me: I did not ask that guy to connect me to you. I was just asking, about the inability of my phone to access my provider. It is aphone problem and not the provider so it seems. Phone: Then you have to dial their repair service. Me: That was exactly I was trying to reach but it seems, I had an astral travel from US to India and Asia for a simple question whether my two numbers are local in my place and whether that static in my phone has something to do with the dial-up problem. Phone: I suggest that you hung up and dial this number. Me: That is exatly what I dialed but it does not provide options that can address my problem. Phone: Try reaching this number. Me: Thank you. Phone: Have a nice day Me: mumbled: (are you talking to me?) Phone: Hello, this is, how I can be of help? Me: My account is ...the number is...(Thought balloon: what about my resume?) Phone: Okay, what seems to be the trouble, ma'am. Me: Covered the mouthpiece and blurted...argggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh then touch an imaginary button to play a recorder. Phone: Let me check that m'am for you but you have to hung up so I can check the lines. Anything else ma'am. Me: ow these numbers....are they local? Phone: I am sorry, I cannot help you in that matter. You can call our Business office. Me:Okay, can you connect me to that office? Phone: Sure,have a nice day. Me: It is getting nicer. The CA t


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