Saturday, February 07, 2004

Filipino channel and Madam Auring

Dear mouse, I have my Filipino Channel. At last. Again. I had a Filipino channel three years ago but I had it disconnected after that Velarde trial of the century. Three attempts and a bp of 180 it was installed back and now I am pissing off myself watching talk shows, old movies and quiz shows. Call me a masochist. I have been ordering, cancelling, ordering nd cancelling this channel for the last few months due to super inefficiency of the cable company. Must be because they do not have competition in the area. Hey, I would prefer a Filipino technician sent to me than a heavily accented arrogant European who cannot give me a clear instruction on how to browse over the channels using the new remote because he cannot understand the instruction himself. Ang Filipino, friendly , may pagka tsismoso lang. May asawa ka ba ? Kailan ka pa dito ? Okay lang. Tsismosa rin ako. Ikaw ilan ang girl friend mo ermm anak pala? If it were not because of my friend from New Jersey who regularly updates me with what she watches about politics back home, (nang-iinggit) I could have cancelled again the service order when a technie failed to show up at the appointed time. I called the cable company and I was informed that the installation had been successfully done. WHAAAAAAAAAAT ?Was he sure? If I can prove them that it is not so, will they give me a one year free subscription ? In this time of efficient modern communications technology--- when you can reach field people by merely calling them in the walkie talkie or company-paid cell phone, it took them damn twenty minutes to verify if the technician really did his job. The installation hardly took five minutes. Sinungaling na Ruso. Anong akala niya sa Pinoy,hindi marunong tumawag at magreklamo ? Back to regular programming, I watched Kontrobersiyal. It was actually a political endorsement of the candidacy of movie actress Pilar Pilapil in the thin disguise of a biography of an actress who found her religious calling when she married a pastor and her candidacy for Senator had been confirmed to her by Someone UP there in one of their prayer meetings. *sigh * She did not name the politician who fathered her love child out of respect for grieving family but the daughter mentioned her full name including the last name of the politician. Haay buhay. To avoid the controversy of being accused of early politicking, the program’s producers also tackled another controversial personality, Madam Auring and her marriage to a young man all of 23 years old. I am not shock. Joan Collins, a seventyish novelist married a man half of her age. Others who had BOYS in their lives were Liza Minelli, Cher, Elizabeth Taylor,carol Burnett. Tina Turner and now Demi Moore. What I was shock about is her face. She is becoming more like Michael Jackson's mother. She even sports bangs that may hide her cosmetic surgery stiches but not her age . Damn those bangs. Got to get rid of my bangs too. The CA t


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