Wednesday, February 25, 2004

K generation

Dear Mouse, After baby boomers, we have the X Generation. For FIlipinos, there is the so-called K generation.--Karaoke generation. Two Saturdays ago, a pint-size 11-year old Filam boy from California wowed the three judges of Star Search including the popular Naoemi Judd. He bested the other two finalists with a perfect score of 15 and another 13 votes from the viewers. He is a very polite kid who always says tenk yu to his fans. Star Search was the singing contest that launched the singing career of Christina Aguillera. Filipina winner “”Banig” who was rated to be a better singer lost her star even before it shone. A week ago, Camille Velasco, a contestant in the Americal Idol was voted the best in the second batch of the semi-finalists. She claimed she is a native of Maui but when asked what she does during her spare time, she said she usually visit her Nanay(Grandma). Another Fil-am is in the fourth batch of the American Idol semi-finalists. Her name is Jasmine Trias. Her dream is to produce an album of a soundtrack for a Filipino soap opera. Win or lose, they are winners. They do not have to be TMPRed in order to believe in themselves. The CA t


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