Sunday, February 22, 2004

Let us pray

Dear Mouse, Time for prayers. For the poor people awash in the belief that actors lacking skills and experience but were portraying their cause in their movies should become President Patawarin ninyo po at sampalin sila For higher education academicians of note who provide crash programme on economics and governance to an actor, an academic endeavour that graduate schools require students/executives to work full time for more than 12 months to get masteral degree and become half-baked experts in the finance/economics/marketing and management . Patawarin ninyo po sila at tanungin kung sino sa kanila ang aamin na sila ay nanood ng pelikulang Tagalog. For members of academic intelligentsia whose training abroad qualify them more to be armchair analysts and their so-called expertise are promoted via expert opinions on economics travails of a country that they hardly know. I rather talk to a farmer who does not know what economies of scale is but is enthusiastic to join a cooperative in order to avail of cheaper fertililzer and pesticides by bulk purchase. Patawarin ninyo po sila at sabihin doon sa mga nagbibigay ng academic grant na mga theories lang ang kanilang pinagsasabi at hindi nakakabigay ng solusyon sa problema ng bansa. For instant constitutional analsysts and test tube bred baby eagle experts(translation:hindi talaga lawyers)who inundated the newspapers and the web sites with their opinions on Poe's citizenship that they claimed their own but later proven to be the opinions of the real authorities on the said issues that they have talked to. Unahan lang yan sa print media at paramihan. Patawarin ninyo po sila at bigyan ng Tagamet.Kabag lang yan. For a presidential bet who would agree for a debate if he has the poor people as his cheering squad. Patawarin ninyo po siya at pakisabi. DUWAG, DUWAG, DUWAG For the head of a religious denomination who snubbed the President with a flimsy excuse. Patawrin po ninyo at pakisabi, HINDI GANOON ANG NAKASULAT SA BIBLIYANG ITINUTURO NILA. Love your enemies even the political ones. For those whose idea is to launch the candidacy of Poe but did not bother to check his citizenship.The cost includes the lawyers' fees of very expensive lawyers, OPMs of directorship to economic advisers just so they play the game, battery of paid columnists to launch a highly orchestrated emotional appeal of twisting the Constitution written for the security and protection of majority and not by the few and paid busloads of Lumbao's mercenaries. Patawarin ninyo po sila at bigyan ng utak. The CA t


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