Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Game of cheese,ermm I mean Chess

Dear Mouse, I prefer watching tennis than chess. In tennis, all I have to do is to move my face to the left, to the right, to the left and to the right. These exercise my facial and neck muscles. In the game of chess, I do not move while watching the players. The game was not on a tournament level. It was just a game between my braders to decide who would be the next week's dishwasher. The older brader usually won not because he was a good strategist but because he was a great detractor. Before you even make a countermove, he shouted sige check ka diyan. Aha aha aha kain ka. Tagal naman ang moves, anong buwan na ba ngayon or gisingin mo na lang ako pag tapos ka na ha. On the issue of Poe’s citizenship, the oppositions are just like my elder brader. They preempt moves and countermoves. Their threats are civil disobedience, revolution, riot and even anarchy. Ow, I forgot to mention that my other brader had a habit of drinking soda in a bottle. When he was fed up with my older brader’s antics, as if on cue, the bottle simply dropped on the chess board. Game was usually declared over without a winner. The dish remained unwashed until my pader brought the dog inside and threatened the two, that the retriever was going to lick all the dishes. In politics, just like in the chess, between the DA KING and the Queen, the latter is more powerful. It can check the DA King but not vice versa. If the pawns of the DA KING will continue the threat of not playing the rules of the games, the Queen can simply declare, there is no game. The CA t


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