Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Confused-use thinks

Dear Mouse, Confused-use thinks for a response to M. Viloria’s question. Confused-use was with a friend when a grim-looking guy got by. Confuse asked the friend, bakit maasim ang mukha niya? The friend responded,”baka maasim ang gatas na pinainom sa kaniya noong bata pa siya. Nakababad kasi sa phone ang baby sitter. Ah ah ah. Confused-use said, o eto ang dolar, maghanap ka nang makakausap. Cathy however sees that the spoiled milk is the stuff that the young man has to put up with to make his dream come true. It is not the May–December relationship that sucks but the promise of instant popularity dangled like a carrot to induce loyalty, forced love and undivided attention by the predator to the willing victim. The lure of the celluloid world transforms young ambitious people to dog-begs/dog/sits and dog/barks in exchange for a few minutes of exhilarated appearance in the TV that could lead to their discovery. When the young man sang for his geriatric lover/fiance in Sharon's program, nakataas ang kilay ko pero natatakpan ng bangs ko. Bakit yong paborito ko pang Basil Valdez song ang kinanta? Hindi na ako mukhang si Cleopatra. Ginupit ko na ang bangs ko. Peksman. The CA t


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