Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Prayers for you

Dear Mouse, My mom was a very religious woman. She would bring me to different churches as she prayed for different intentions. One such church was Quiapo Church, now a basilica. Inside the church were women who offered to pray for your intentions. Naïve as I was, I thought it was for free so I thought that it was very pious for them to pray for other people. Then I learned later that they were charging for a fee for prayers. Thoughts that came to my mind were: mas malakas ba sila sa Diyos? May commission ba si God sa kanila..(sounds of thunder and lightning) bibiro lang SIR. * sigh * of relief. Walang bang time magdasal ang mga nagpapadasal? Magkano kaya ang kita ? When our propesor in Entrepreneurship required our class to form a small group and come up with a small business for one semester, applying the theories that we will be learning from the class and earning at the same time , I thought of the PRAYERS For YOU business. hehehe BTW, the propesor did not look like a professor because of his dangling camera in his shoulder all the time. In our first meeting, I thought he was the official photogprapher of the university. After our first meeting, he asked us to pose with the wall fence as the background for an id picture-actually four pictures for one pose. One pic went to our class card, the other one went to the seat plan. For easy recall of the faces, he said. Good business. He was a good entrepreneurship professor indeed.The rest of the pics were for our own disposal. The Prayers for you business was rejected outright by my group mates. First, they were not the prayerful types and second, we cannot decide whether we would give a money-back-guarantee- if the prayers were not answered. As elected COO, I concurred with the members. At that time, I did not have any plan to confront my CREATOR with issues other than mine. Why the prayers as subject of my blog? Because the pawns in the Poe chess game decided to invoke the help from Someone UP there thru prayers. Very CORY. Awwww. "Bukas 10 a.m. lumabas ka sa kalsada magdasal ng 1 minuto para sa paglilinaw ng isip ng SC justices sa FPJ citizenship issue (At 10 a.m. tomorrow, go out in the streets and for a minute, pray that the Supreme Court justices will be enlightened in deliberating over Poe’s citizenship)," one of the text messages being circulated stated. Anti-riot policemen have been ordered deployed around the Supreme Court where deliberations are scheduled today over the petitions seeking to disqualify Poe to run for president in the May 10 polls. The CBCP also urged the Filipino people to pray for peaceful resolution of the disqualification case of Poe. Sino kaya ang pakikinggan ni BOSS sa ITAAS? Lumbao promised 10,000 followers for the human chain while Nino Muhlach boasted for his 50, 000 fans. Wow , if I had put up that business and these people joining the rally were my customers for my prayers for you--- for a peyso, that would give me 60,000 peysos or more than a thousand dollars. (THUNDER AND LIGHTNING) Sabi namang nagbibiro lang eh. Seryoso naman ninyo BOSS. Did I mention what business, we went into? Halls candies and worksheet pads courtesy of the offices of our siblings, friends and parents. Project daw. Kawawang mga opisinang mahina ang internal control sa office supplies. Mataas ang grade naming grupo. Libre kasi ng Halls yong prop namin every meeting. Kung hindi mo makuha sa santong dasalan ang propesor, daanin mo sa librehan ng Halls candy (kayo diyan). The CA t


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