Sunday, February 08, 2004

Riot ng Palibhasa lalaki

Dear Mouse Isn’t it sweet. The entertainment people are going to stage a riot in case and if…according to Richard Gomez. Richard Gomez who? Isn’t he the movie star who lost in the last election and made the threat that he was going to pursue his protest “‘till the end of time”. Let me blurt out... Are these people a bunch of thugs dressed in expensive overpromoted shirts with egos as big as their mouths. The crumbs of Mac Donald must have been lodged in the brain cresses of Richard Gomez when he was still a server in this multinational fastfood. I like to theorize that the wealth courtesy of his adoring fans and some rumored rich patrons did not do any good in his iq and eq departments. I should have believed my sister when she told me how arrogant this movie star was when she met him at UP taking a non-credit seminar type short term course. Gusto lang masabing may pinag-aralan siya sa UP. I wonder how they are going to stage a riot? Camera trick ba o tatakbo sila sa street with shaved heads and armed with bolos? Talaga naman. Kabagan ka sana. Actors warn of riots if FPJ disqualified Posted:10:38 PM (Manila Time) | Feb. 08, 2004 By Marinel C. Cruz Inquirer News Service MALACAÑANG is employing crude tactics in discrediting presidential candidate Fernando Poe Jr. and might drive his supporters into staging civil actions. This is how movie director Carlito Siguion-Reyna described the present scenario in connection with moves to prevent Poe from running for the presidency, including a petition filed against the action star questioning his citizenship. Siguion-Reyna is a member of "Artista para kay FPJ," which is composed of actors, directors, stunt men, crew members, cameramen, legmen, and other members of the entertainment industry, supporting the candidacy of Poe, who is popularly known as FPJ. The director said it is possible that the Supreme Court would rule in favor of lawyer Andresito Fornier, who alleged that Poe is not a natural-born Filipino and is ineligible to run for President. "If that happens, the people would riot," said actor Richard Gomez, chairman of "Artista para kay FPJ. "It is possible that FPJ supporters would go out to the streets again. We don't want to create chaos." Since Poe is an illegitimate son, his citizenship, based on past court decisions, should be American, Fornier had said. The lawyer had also argued that Poe's father was a Spanish citizen since Poe's grandparents were Spaniards. "People might protest. The government would not want to deal with civil action like that. It's dangerous. We don't want trouble," warned Gomez. But actor Eddie Garcia is confident that Poe would not allow his supporters to resort to violence. "There will be no one going out to the streets. FPJ won't allow that," he stressed. "The Comelec has already decided in favor of FPJ. I'm sure the Supreme Court would look at (the issue) in the same light." Tinamaan kayo ng kulog. The CA t


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