Thursday, February 12, 2004

Sweet grapes for Sassy

Dear Mouse, I have read several blogs about how people express their emotions specifically anger or extreme hatred. In the world of blogs, the word arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh are often used to describe anger or disillusionment . When it is extreme hatred, the blogger cannot help but to mouth expletives in order to flush the black aura of the situation that is not acceptable to them. One of the defenses that is confused with sourgraping is the reaction where hatred is focused to a group or to some who are believed to have contributed to the unpleasant feelings. This is not sourgraping because according to the origin of the meaning of the phrase, the fox declared that the grapes were sour because it could not reach them. So when a lackluster personality like me say that I do not want to become a super star because I hate crowds, then I am sourgraping. But if I were a fallen super star and I put down all people who I believed to have caused my downfall, then I am expressing bitterness. I am for the expression of emotion. Good for the mental health. So if you chance to get by near my house and a whole sofa flies out of my open window, do not worry, I am just releasing my anger. I warn you, the weight and the size of the objects that go tumbling out of abode depend on the levels of anger I have to release. If the neighbors react by shouting or nagging me or even going to the extent of calling the police, do not worry, they are just reacting. This is precisely what this defense is all about. A reaction to solicit another reaction. A kind of anger projection to manipulate another person’s emotion resulting into forced apology, a feeling of guilt or simply a reaction that may incite word wars. So the safest reaction is no reaction at all. This is the most responsible way of handling resentment. When people recognize the reality that their right to change includes only to himself and not other people, then there will be respect to each others’ tenets and principles. So I salute you Sassy for non-reaction to an item written about bloggers who differ with someone's opinion. We may differ in our political leanings, ideologies and writing styles, but the truth remain the same, we are bloggers. ^.^ babaw ng conclusion ano? The CA t


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