Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Dear Mouse, The because why we should vote for Poe. Raw. Sandali, aray, aray, di ko sinabing ako ‘noh. "We are for him because we always see him in movies. He is my idol," said hot dog vendor Alan Avila, wearing an FPJ sticker as he sang along to a song hailing the movie star as the great hope for a new dawn in the Philippines." Tsee Dolphy, a long-time friend of Poe considered the country's top comedian, called on Filipinos to vote for Poe because he was a man of integrity. He added: "This is the first time that we would have a such a handsome president. I am beginning to turn gay." Malaking tsee. Ang pangit niyang bakla. Outside the stadium, fans arrived by the busload, snarling traffic on Manila's Roxas Boulevard. Schoolgirls in uniforms lined the sidewalk waving small FPJ flags and screamed every time they caught a glimpse of their idol. Tsee. I did not know that his fans are young students. "kala ko ba mga lalaking-lalaki? Hakot, hakot, hakot. "Many ask us, why should we vote for FPJ. Our only answer to that is, when your brother is running in the elections, will you not vote for him, too?" De Leon said. Hindi. Not until he promises to make me a Cabinet member. Tsee. The CA t


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