Friday, April 23, 2004

Two LADIES AND A CAT say it's not GIL-arious

Dear Mouse,

Sassy's Blogspot and Eddie G expounded on Gil's real part in the so-called political circus. Is he really a clown or someone who was made to assume the role of a clown by a group known as UTHEN (unidentified thinktank entities---kala ninyo x-rated ,noh?) so that political strategists from other camps would not take him seriously.

Boondock Queen is alarmed by the Gil's rendition of NO-EL (definitely not the Christmas Carol) after his talk with Abat.


But these two ladies think that whatever role he is tasked to do, it is not GIL-arious.

This CA t categorically states that this observation is undoubtedly factual.

There is a saying, do not judge a person by his looks. Baka pangit siya pero tingnan mo uli at sabihin mong "ay pangit pala talaga siya".ehek

The dumb look has been exploited by people who are very skillful in the arts of espionage and sabotage, the branches of the dark knowledge of confusion and intrigues.

In the corporate world, it is unhealthy for one with a very promising career on top of the ladder to have someone in her circle, a mole from the executive office. You will not be able to identify her. Sometimes, she is the dumbest in your department or appears to be the most clueless. But that is exactly what the corporate guys desire for her role. A nobody of importance, not a threat, always a follower , a yes person, an ass licker but a very dangerous eyes and ears of her patron. Sometimes she is the sacrificial lamb if worse comes to worst.

In the world of espionage, they can be the ordinary chambermaids in the hotels. The guys who would cower at the first hail of bullets. The guys you would not suspect to be able to open your brief cases locked with combination numbers.
Believe me guys, I had a household help who was able to rob me thousands of pesoses because I did not even entertain the thoughts of her capability to open a safe. It was only when friends in the neighborhood tipped me off that my innocent-looking help regularly treated her friends in the village sky is the limit when I started doing a Sherlock Holmes game in my own territory.

In the industry espionage of secret formula and new product launching infos, the culprits may be the cleaning boys or girls, the maintenance or department's mailman or even the vendor in the office delivering packed lunches or meriendas.

My friend from a bureau with investigation as their business intimated that their disguises range from a miserable homeless guy, a noisy agitator in a peaceful demonstration, a fanatic cult follower or a very efficient waiter in a hotel or restaurant. May time na sinundo niya ako, na nakadisguise pa siyang sinto sinto. Muntik ko na siyang bugbugin. Oppps.

There were talks that the reason why some coups did not prosper from attempts to government overthrow was because generals were making the plans over a table of sumptuous meals and expensive drinks served by very conscientious waiters.

Minsan ang mga may mukhang parang walang utak ang nakakadaya.

Eddie G may not be a mole or a spy but he functions for whatever was the design of the plan of deploying him in the warplace. He may not win the war for his patron but he can unmake the winning of a closest rival. Intentions of those who vote for him may include the mockery of election by voting for a clown but actually the jokes on them. His patrons have provided these voters with what they wished for --an alternative for tradpols and movie personalities--a comic whose comedic repertoire is an insult to the thinking public. Wasted votes are precious votes for some.

Whoever the members of the UTHEN are, you stink.

The CA t


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