Wednesday, April 14, 2004


1. Punishment of disobeying the Mosaic Law was stoning to death. The Jews believed that Jesus committed blasphemy when He claimed that HE is the Son of GOD.

Why was he crucified ?

2. If it were the Romans who executed JESUS by crucifixion on the charge of subversion, why was he singled out in the Garden of Gethsemani and his followers were spared.

3. Was it really his crucifixion that saved us from the original sin or was it the teachings that basically were anchored on humility --- Humility that eliminates the sin of PRIDE.

4. If there was no betrayal of Judas, then there would be no salvation?

5. Did Roco leave because he has no more money to continue his campaign?

Bakit nauwi sa pulitika ? pero tuloy pa rin. If you have answers, please comment.

6. Did he think that he has no more chance to win so he is allowing Gloria to win with the view that she is a lesser evil than Poe?

7. Do you believe the rumor that the Administration paid him hundreds of millions to back out?

7. Did Poe visit Imelda to replenish his dwindling campaign kitty?

8. Did Estrada refuse to help him because of Loren?

9. What concessions did the Marcos Family get from Poe in case he wins?

10. Did the patrons/sponsors of Poe cease to donate in his campaign funds?

11. Ping Lacson is way below the survey results, how come has no problem with financial support?

12. From whom?

You are free to form your opinions. As to my responses to the questions....

Sumosobra na ang mga batang ire. Ako na nga ang nagtanong, ako pa sasagot. Nasaan ba yong aking tungkod.Hmppp
=) The CA t


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