Thursday, April 15, 2004

The Hair on a GIL

Dear Mouse,

In her article on disqualification issue of Eddie G. the Sassy Lawyer who lives on a hill told Mark that the hair on a GIL is natural born . I agree with Ren that Sassy and the rest should chill out. Eddie Gil is heaven sent and not a boy from GIL. (hell) He puts a smile in our face.

The SC people must have acted on his appeal in order to stop him from coming back. Not everyone has Cheche Lazaro’s equanimity. No one can be sure how long they can keep themselves from laughing in front of him or his representatives. Besides, we, Filipinos would like to be entertained.

I saw Karen Davila interviewed Eddie G. and he was natural. He does not need an army of gag writers to deliver funny anecdotes. His funnybones must have rubbed off to his followers too.

Thru sassy and expectorant connections (bakit mo namang ginawa akong pusakal Resty? Gawin mo na lang pusagal. Ang pusang gala. hehehe) I found hypocrite’s feature of the interview of Eddie G by the Probe Team nakakaiyak . Naiiyak ako katatawa. Go and read. An excerpt is shown below. You can read more of these from Anp thru Kuwentong Tambay. Mark’s link to working mom is already outdated. She has moved Mark.

Cheche Lazaro (CL): Pasensiya na po, pero marami po kasi ang di nakakakilala sa inyo... Sino po ba si Eddie Gil?

Eddie Gil: Ako, ako si Eddie Gil.

CL: Oo nga po. Pero, paano ninyo po ide-describe si Eddie Gil? sino po siya?

EG: Ako... ako nga si Eddie Gil.

PROBE: Kamutsa po ang organization niyo na isang Bansa Isang Diwa?

CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Kami ang number 2 organization in the whole world!

PROBE: In the world?

CAMPAIGN MANAGER: YES. In the whole world!

PROBE: Sino po iyong number 1 sa whole world?

CAMPAIGN MANAGER: hmmm..[ after a while].. I can't remember.

PROBE: Is it in the magazine?


PROBE: Could you give us a copy?

CAMPAIGN MANAGER: YES, we can give you a copy.. I've forgotten the magazine

The CA t


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