Sunday, November 14, 2004

Dear Pat,

Dear Mouse,

Let me respond to Patricia's message to me.

hello miss cathy,

i would like to express my warmest, sincerest thanks for your defense of the faye story, and even my london speech. i personally want to express my apology for the articles written on faye that may have caused the misleading of so many. my belief in her was absolutely unjustified. I can only hope that what credibility i have will still stand for the cause of recognizing filipino excellence.

it is difficult to defend myself in the face of accusation, and i have no right to. however, if you have the time, please email me atxxxxx as there is something i wish to share with you before it comes out in print. my part in the "faye fairy tale fiasco," as you so aptly call it, will end on wednesday with the publication of my response on philstar.

miss cathy, again, thank you. you have no idea how much your support meant.

pat evangelista.

The Ca t's response:

Dear Pat,

Expectations about how things are supposed to be, how people should behave in a certain way are a part of life and ingrained into our thinking.

If they did not happen as we expected them to be, do not allow this to let you down because life is rarely exactly the way we would like it to be.. the way we expect it to be.

Certainly, there are times when you will demand for certain standards of behavior and that’s fine but it does not mean that you are to be blamed if people whom you put your trust on did not meet the standards.

Of course you have every right to defend yourself. It is important that you defend your position and do not allow anyone to walk over or take advantage of you.

There is no individual who can boast that he did not commit any mistake. It is not commission that matters, it is acknowledging the mistake that counts.

Your belief on her is justified. It is your enthusiasm to promote Filipino excellence that drove you to use her story. Although, I know your effort to seek the truth, I will let you tell your own story in your article on Philstar.

Get them girl, you are but a David among the Goliaths of the media. Your journey of life is just beginning. What you went through are mere pebbles on the road you take. Tell me when you get to the boulder and I will tell you, you have understood what life really is.

The Ca t


At 6:58 PM, Blogger Apol said...

hmmm... maabangan nga yung article ni Pat. Nasubaybayan ko yung discussion ninyo dito eh, di nga lang ako nagko-comment. Nabasa ko rin yung mga personal attacks sa inyo. Buti di ninyo kinalmot? hehe!

Ey, congrats nga pala sa Carlos Palance Award pagiging Pinoy Blog of the week!

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