Saturday, November 13, 2004

Kulit ko kasi

Dear Mouse,

Una-unahan lang yan magpadala ng package kina Sassy at yuga with the note that "it will self-destruct with a bang if you decide not to feature my Now What, Ca t as the blog of the week". (Mission Impossible sound track please).

Sainyong dalawa, salamat sa kaintri- intriga ninyong pag feature sa aking blog.

Let me add some more bits of information about me aside from I am techno-challenged.

A=I want to write my alibiography.

B=I love bowling. I knock things down when I am pissed.

C=I am a consultant.I am too smart to tell you how to start,run your business and too smart not to start my own.In short I am unemployed. hahaha

D=I always have a wastebasket. It is called desk.

E=My favorite expression is etcetera, etcetera.Don’t ask.I am damn lazy to write why.

F=I love my first grade teacher. She knew how to make little things count.

G=I am a ghost writer. I write about ghosts.

H=I am not a human dynamo. I do not charge everything to my credit card.

I=I love intelligent conversationalist -one who nods in agreement when I am talking.

J=I carry my investment even in the toilet.Diamond is my best friend.

K=I dislike know-it-all-people. They force me to read more.

L=I am a believer of life. I can not kill a roach.

M-I love Mondays. Holiday in the US always fall on a Monday.

N-I hate neighbors who think that my luxury is their necessity.

O-I love going to the zoo. It is only theplace where I can have one-way conversation with the animals.

P-I am perfectionist. I never finish any work I started out to do.

Q=I got a quiet place on a hill.

R=I am on a life support system--- my refrigerator.

S=I am a woman full of surprises. Do not open my drawer.

T=I love traveling especially if it is all expenses paid.

U-The only things I hate to collect are unpaid bills.

V=I am a vegan. I do not know how to cook.

W= I am a writer. I write checks from my checkbook,always with an unhappy ending.

No X,noZ,asI have said I am a perfectionist.

The Ca t


At 1:03 PM, Blogger Tanggero said...

hehehe, kongrats m're!!!sa item 'E'- naalala ko si matutina sa john n marsha, hik

At 5:16 PM, Blogger BatJay said...

kongartyuleysyons aT e meow! dapat ito noon pa... hehehe. idol talaga kita.

At 11:48 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

mga p're,

Tagay tayo. Ipagdiwang natin ang aking kaarawan...ooops
pagkapinoyblog pala.

P'reng bat,tiningnan ko yong link mo tungkol sa pennies
oops penis. hehehe malamya.


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