Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Forgive Yourself

Dear Mouse,

No matter who we are, no matter what we do —there will be times when you simply “lose” it.

Sometimes,the cause of the outburst is not really that big of a deal but because you have already suppressed more than enough to stay cool.

Go ahead, get angry, raise your voice.

You might even rant and rave. You might even punch or throw something.

But never binge on food.

Even peace-loving people are not exempt from occasional outbursts and frustration.

Becoming in control of one’s emotion is a long process. If every once in a while you get so stressed out that you throw up your hands and shout at the top of your voice, do not feel guilty by thinking that you are bad.

Learn how to forgive yourself and you will also find it easier to extend the same courtesy to others as well.


Hindi promotion at dagdag ng sueldo and makakapagpadiscourage sa mga AFP officers para maging corrupt. No amount of increase in salary is enough to match the tax-exempt/no sweat/blood money that they get from corruption. Dapat diyan ikulong ang mga buwaya.


I forgive myself.

Kala ninyo may kaaway na naman si Pusa ?

The Ca t


At 9:19 AM, Blogger Manang said...

This is a comment for Remote viewing (disabled kasi dun eh). I had a friend (#1) in medical school then who also tried to "visit" another friend's (#2) house. We were in my room, lights dimmed (only from the windows actually), barkadas forming a circle and joining hands as we sat like Indians. #1 closed her eyes and "went" to #2's house, which I recently visited but #1 never had seen yet. She described it in details, it was so striking. She said something about not being able to pass through the gate because of rust, so she had to find a way at the back. She warned #2 about other creatures using the row of trees there are gateway to their kingdom. She also visited #3, and described white (good) and black spirits, and details in the ceiling of the bathroom (with beams), which apparently went unnoticed by #3 until that moment. She went home to see those beams and reported to us the next day that indeed they were present. Amazing. I also read a book by a American authors, one a psychic (who received her gift in the Philippines upon seeing a healer) and another a physicist, saying this could be developed. (It was a declassified info that the NASA used remote viewing to spy on Russia.)

At 11:06 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

tenks for the visit Manangku.
Btw, I read ur problem with the SSS. I got mine too.
Up to now i haven't received my replacement card.


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