Monday, December 13, 2004

Prophecy and Fortune Telling

Dear Mouse,

Are fortune tellers considered as modern prophets?

Some people believe that predictions of great prophets such as Saint John, Nostradamus, Malachy and Edgar Cayce will come to pass exactly as prophesied.

Some people do not believe at all to any kind of prophecy.

Some people examine the track record of prophesies fulfilled and unfulfilled.

I am one of the people who believe that there is no such thing as accurate prophecy or prediction.

Prophets or psychics are mere human beings who may filter the information through their personalities and minds. The original messages may then be lost as the recipients of the knowledge may inject their own interpretations and expectations.

It could be also that the Universal Power allows only so much certainty in order to help humanity to deal with it by preparing and choosing the courses of actions that may change the course of destiny.

Prophecies are of two kinds; the events that will surely occur and the events that may occur but may be changed for even though the prophets and the seers can predict catastrophies, they cannot predict the reaction of the people when the events happen.

Great Prophets ?

The most documented prophet was Michel Nostradamus a 16th century French physician and astrologer.

Among his prophecies that had already been realized were:

  • The Priests would be threatening the astronomers about their discoveries that run counter with religious tenets. When Galileo used his instrument to discover that the earth circles the sun, the Church asked him to recant his pronouncement.
  • He predicted the colonization of England of a country named America. The prediction was made when colonists had not yet come to America.
  • He talked about communism, aerial bombardments, atom boms, submarines when these ideas, had come in the later centuries.
  • And many more...

  • Edgar Cayce, a well-known psychic and healer predicted the following:

  • Between 1968 and 1998, Los angeles, San Francisco and New York would be hit by a major destruction.
  • End of Communism and Russia and America becoming allies and friends
  • Saint Malachy, a medieval abbot prophesied about the end of the Vatican.

    He characterized the reign of Pope John Paul 1 as “ of the waxing moon because his reign lasted only for 34 days.

    Prophecy should not be feared but should not be ignored either. We come into terms with the prophecies by acknowledging a higher POWER governing our destinies.

    Next fortune telling.

    The Ca t


    At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    one has to remember also that the bible has given plenty of things to come but never been thought or looked upon as a prophecy. I will not lecture u my love, but hear this:
    THE BEGINNINGS Gn 1-11 talks about Homo Habilis and the "Pebble Culture". 2,000,000 BC.

    End of the 2nd Ice Age, 13,000 BC.

    Metallurgy --Sumerian tablets of Uruk= Erech.3500BC

    I cannot write all of it--- but the Book of Revelation tells all of it.

    sa tate maraming Madame Auring, pero hindi sila manalo sa lotto. Bakit kaya?


    At 12:18 AM, Blogger Cerridwen said...

    this is one area I avoid to tackle since I know so little and unable to not believe to the extent that I need it to scare me and use it as a tool to be careful. Unknowns and unexlained are scary...


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