Sunday, February 13, 2005


Dear mouse,

Life is a series of surprises; we can not guess what tomorrow brings but we can see life as we project it to be.

This is a poem, I wrote years seconds ago.

Salamin ng Buhay.

Tu/mi/ngin/ a/ko/ sa/ sa/la/min,/ma/lung/kot.

Ma/lung/kot/ ang/ muk/ha,/no/o'y/ na/ka/ku/not./

Tu/mi/ngin/ a/ko/ sa/ sa/la/min,/ma/sa/ya./

Ma/sa/ya/ ang/ muk/ha, ma/ta'y/ na/ka/ta/wa./

Tu/mi/ngin/ a/ko/ sa/ sa/la/min,/may/ ga/lit.

May /ga/lit/ sa/ mun/do/, ma/ta'y/ nan/li/li/sik.

Tu/mi/ngin/ a/ko/ sa/ sa/la/mi't,/nag/ta/ka/.

Nag/ta/ka,/ kung/sa/an,/ i/long/ay/ na/pun/ta?



The Ca t


At 2:20 AM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

oy..sino yon? si MichaelPile? hmmmmm!!!!


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