Sunday, February 06, 2005


Dear Mouse,

Sassy's appeal to fight plagiarism in the internet elicited several responses from fellow bloggers.

Mark (click-mo-mukha-mo) wrote :

Anything you post on the web can and will be stolen by a determined individual. And no, disabling your right click function isn’t much help -

MLQuezon the third wrote:

Please support the Sassy Lawyer's efforts to prevent plagiarism on the internet!

Titorolly wrote:

Claiming somebody else's project as yours is wrong. That is intellectual dishonesty or to be blunt about it, thievery. And it has a name. It's called plagiarism.

The Unlawyer wrote

Today, that malicious spirit is still alive and well, as an esteemed blogger becomes the latest victim of this despicable offense, her generous copyright policies notwithstanding.

English Patis (celia kusinera) wrote:

I don't think anyone would want their labor of love to be copied and not be acknowledged for it.

Watson wrote:

The recipes are freely available for cooking at home. But lifting-off these materials and calling them your own is a shame!

marvin commented on 02-03-05 at 06:46 AM :

Idemanda mo.

bayibhyap commented on 02-03-05 at 06:20 AM :

Plagiarism has no role in any responsible writing. It's purely claiming credit from the work and research done by others for one's own through deceit.

jobert commented on 02-02-05 at 09:53 PM :

Welcome to the Cut and Paste Generation.

BatJay Hardinero commented on 02-02-05 at 08:44 PM :

ano ba yan? tangnenek naman pati ba naman recipe sa bopis ay kinokopya. nawala ata ang hiya ng mga yon.

Ting-aling commented:'re just claiming back what was stolen from you and you get this kind of response? Can I pick your brain, please Sassy?

Note: The comments were plagiarized OOOPSie errm lifted from the selected bloggers' webpages and from the reactions on Sassy's blog entitled " Ever heard of plagiarism".

The Ca t wrote :

See my sidebar.

The Ca t


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Mec said...


you tell them CAT!!! and you tell them real COOL!!

(wrong grammar but well, pretend am hip-hop na lang or something)

At 9:00 PM, Blogger Cerridwen said...

I like, I like...I would be scared to copy after reading that :P

At 11:31 PM, Blogger Apol said...

hehe! asteeg nung copycat este copyright =)

At 6:33 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

you got the "code"?

you gave me the idea.

i know nobody dares to copy me. insanity is universal.


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