Monday, February 07, 2005

Tips for Dining Out

Dear Mouse,

My ex-boss in the Philippines was workaholic.

His idea of meeting was dining out or his idea of dining out was a conduct of impromptu brainstorming or project evaluation reports.

No reports that are more than three pages and presentations start with the recommendations that answer the hows and the whys.

There were certain guidelines that we strictly follow in dining/cum meeting out .

  • Discussions stop when waiters are serving the food.
  • My boss had this paranoia that the waiters’ bowties are outfitted with miniature recording devices to spy on the latest product ideas brainstormed by corporate geniuses over steaming cups of coffees or sparking wine glasses. Talking about corporate spies.

  • Take aspirins before the first bottle of spirits is consumed.
  • For hangovers, just in case they forget what moderate means.

  • Order uncorked bottled drinks only.
  • There are some food establishments that put more ice and or water to glasses of drinks. More profit you know. One bottle for two customers at a price of two and a cost of one.

  • Order steamed rice only.
  • No no for fried rice. Some ingredients in the fried rice may have seen recycling for three generations.

  • Be friendly/patient to the waiters or food servers.
  • Remember they handle the food.

  • Be a generous tipper.
  • He believed that waiters have the memories of elephants. They remember the stingiest and generous tippers; the worst and the best dressers;the arrogant and the meek and the wives and the mistresses. OOOPs.

  • Remember to bring home the extra food.
  • Ask for a doggie bag.Give your neigbor’s dog’s name if you have none.

  • Remember to keep the receipts for reimbursements.
  • Accountants hate padding and creativity.

  • Table knives are for slicing meat or spreading butter.
  • They are not instruments for settling differences/conflicts that may arise during discussions.

  • Table napkin is not a good substitute for post-it-note.
  • Don’t write phone numbers and reminders. Take plenty for office use though.

  • Don't take spoons and sporks for souvenirs.

    Breakages amd losses are not shouldered by the establishments. They are deducted from the poor waiters' take home pays..

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