Saturday, April 30, 2005

Care Bears ni Piolo Pascual

Dear mouse,

I do not publish all the comments that I receive in my blog. Pero ito i-publish ko na kasi baka ako kurutin at i-tsee. ba namin kay kami for PIOLO...well for everybody's info....PJ is a german....and hindi po siya bading... siokla...or what so ever...gentleman at napaka respetado lang talaga si papa PJ kaya napagkakamalang joding...kahit na ano pa ang lumabas na masama about him..hinding-hindi kami diba may kasabihan nga na "one word is enough for a wise men...." sinabi na niya sa "the buzz" na hindi siya bakla and i think its about time para i-end na ang chisms na yan kahit na anong gawin ng taga ibang walang magawang CHANNEL........!@)(7) (@!..PIOLO PASCUAL IS PIOLO PASCUAL...that's it ....and we,PJ's supporters...will stick to our beliefs... PJ IS NOT GAY.....and we'll always be here for him through stormy weather.. --kris _yap

The Ca t sez:

Oy care ko rin si Papa Piolo ha. Pinaiyak niya ako sa Milan. MILANG BESES BA AKONG NAGPAHID NG LUHA DAHIL naghihiwa ako ng sibuyas HABANG pinapanood kong nirenta kong DVD.

Talaga, Piolo Pascual is Piolo Pascual... hindi siya si Claudine Baretto noh. :) :)

The Ca t


At 2:56 PM, Blogger infraternam meam said... response to the comment na baka ma Tzee ka...i don't think so. if they don't like ur blog, sila ang i-tze tze fly moh!i don't care if Piolo is Bading. will it change the world and stop it in its axis if he was truly an Adonis in Disguise? the moral of the story is, he is a good actor. the only thing I don't like is when my wife watches his DVD movies (hindi pirated) my wife wants me to emulate Piolo. baka kaya naman sinabing bading si Piolo, eh pumatol siya sa Bading! hindi kaya? biz in Pinas always has all the third encounter of the third kind to take care of one good looking male career (especially well endowed), di bah? Ate Luds, where are you when i needed you!!! (cath...Luds(Inday) is a very good friend of the family, so i know she is smiling with this comments of mine)hmmmmmm!!!

At 7:49 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

care ko lang na bigyan sila ng space ko sa blog ko.katuwa kasi sila. i never experienced to be a movie fan but i like watching movies of my favorite stars, local and foreign alike.

I was able to read the column of Inday Badiday in the Inquirer, months before she died. I know how she abused her body and how scared she was to die and leave her young daughter.

At 8:22 PM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

cath...lets talk about Luds. 20 years ago, i was in hkg. i was working for a Japanese shipping company, based in Tokyo and Kobe, and I was the training director. so i travel a lot, the jap wants somebody who holds an american passport and bi-lingual or tri-lingual. i speak other languages. one time i was in hkg, at the old airport, i dont know anything about show biz. the counter of PAL was being serviced by CX ground crew and ang rude and bastos ng chinese. so i argued w/these people and gave them a piece of my mind. then there was this lady who approached me with a young girl maybe in her early 20's with a young boy en towed. all of the domestic helper in hkg kept on saying "Manang Inday", "Ate Luds", then this lady approached me and asked me to help her since the chinese agent will not help them. i gave another piece of my mind to the tsekwa and Inday's family was taken cared of . when we landed in manila, Luds was met by some show biz and media people and was taken to the VIP lounge of PAL. she wants me to join her, I declined. and the friendship started there. i have her private line at home and at the studio and radio station. i never showed myself to anybody, but inday kept on saying before she ends her show " bye bye Meloy". then i got sick and was hospitalized, she gave a comment on her column in the local paper and then kept on greeting me as usual. i made a narrative poetry for her and she framed it. Lolit Solis kept on asking her, about my identity but Inday declined to give a comment. i was her phantom. then Panchito Alba got bed ridden and comatose w/o money. Inday assisted and so did my family and the company where i work. all of these was kept secret. then Inday died, I called Dolly Ann and said to her I can't make it. she told me that my narrative poetry was placed in a pedestal by Luds coffin. She was a good hearted lady. her father was a Phil. Ambassador. I miss the lady. she will always remain a friend.

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At 2:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi i dont care if bading my papa piolo i like papa piolo no thats all baka kayo din jan aminin" natikman u na ba sya aba me natikman ko na sya sa panaginip lang naman.mamamatay na tayo sa inggit.


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