Saturday, April 30, 2005

A Day Without the Internet

Dear mouse,

I was reading an article about Dr. Raymmundo Punongbayan, the former Chief Of Philvocs who died in copter crash and at the same time watching the interview of his granddaughter when I was disconnected from the internet.

Mine is dsl in a wireless router.

It was still early in the evening but i was just too tired to call SBC tech support as advised by a friend who put all the wires together so I can make use of the router given to me by my brother.

All the external modem's lights were on but I cannot log in.

Early morning, I called them. Theirs is 24/7 service.

Intructions, instructions,instructions... nothing happened. But I have to go for a very important appointment. So the techie suggested that I call them again when I get back using the case number as my reference.

Going home, I got by a store where many people seemed busy taking exams or what... an Apple Computer store pala where several laptops and desktops are available for customers' use. Parang cybercafe pero libre.

Ahaaa, makausisa nga. One old lady was writing an e-mail to.....(ewan ko noh). Haba naman.

I can't use the Apple NOTEBOOKS. Wala akong PEN. ahek wala palang mouse. I am a "mouse" person kahit ako si Ca t. Yeah I am using my laptop at home but I have an extra keyboard, my old IBM. It's fingers- friendly.

So I waited for those peeps who were using the desktops with the mice.(Plural ng mouse, diba?) (Mahihimatay talaga si Sir X-P sa blog ko, daming typos, dami pang grammar nightmares.)to log off.

One young lady, a Filipina was BLOGGING.. of all places. Hindi makapaghintay sa bahay. LIVEJOURNAL pa.Matagal pa ito, gagamit.

Ahmmmmm, bakit hindi. Total wala akong internet sa bahay. It will take sometime before we can troubleshoot the connection problem. unit became available. Haaaa. ang laki ng monitor Day...sobrang 27 " yata.

Maaccess nga ang NOW WHAT, Ca t.

Wow bilis. pero teka, hindi Now What,Cat ang nakasulat kung hindi The Ca t lang doon sa yahoo search...hmmmm.

Click, click...

Dadayaanng. Laki ng retrayto ni Ca t sa monitor.

Tingin sa likod baka may nakakakita.

Ngeeek, may isang mamang tumingin sa monitor, tumingin sa akin, tingin ulit sa monitor.

Saka biglang nagtanong?.Habla Espanol.

Pag dating sa bahay, may internet na ako.

Huh ? wala naman akong ginawa sa p'yuter ko. Siguro sa line talaga nila, ayaw lang aminin. Tsee.

The Ca t


Pag ang Pusa po ay nawawala, maari hong pumunta sa pinaysaamerika.


At 8:30 PM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

okey, pag wala ka sa balay mong orig, i will meow u sa other house moh!


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