Friday, April 22, 2005

The Female Pope- A Myth ?

Dear mouse,

I am expecting Frat to give me the story about Pope JOAN, the female pope. But she is not what I am referring to, Frat and she was real.

This is the story of Pope Joan as pasted by Frat to my comment box for your easy reference.

Some 600 years after the Papacy had secured a temporal crown for itself, an unknown genius of propaganda launched into history the bizarre and enduring story of the woman who crept on to the papal throne and ruled under the name John. The legend of Pope Joan first appeared in literary form on the 13th century when the temporal claims of the Papacy reached their dizzier height. Produced as anti Papal propaganda, it became a folklore.It was told again and again in various forms.In the main version of the story, Joan was another H eloise, an Anglo-Saxon girl of great beauty and learning who began her career in a monastery disguised as a monk, ultimately went to Rome and was elected Pope. She betrayed her secret only by giving birth to a child during a procession and died shortly afterwards.After the Reformation, it was believed by Catholics and Protestants alike, and as late as 1600, a bust of "Johannes VIII, femina ex Anglia" was unquestionably accepted among the row of papal busts that glare out over the heads of worshippers in Siena Cathedral. Okey... i hope i satisfied your curiosity. another History 101, on "Tu es Petrus, et super hanc Petram Aedificabo Ecclesiam meam et tibi dabo claves Regni Coelorum".

For the information of the readers, Frat is an ex-seminarian.

Latin ba yan na ang ibig sabihin ay binibigay niya kay Pedro ang susi ng Kalangitan.

Curiosity kills a cat but to this cat, curiosity is a never ending search for truth.

Abangan ang story of the female pope.

Wala bang background music na suspense ?

The Ca t

Disclaimer: The readers should be aware that the elections of the popes during the early centuries were done by popular voting. Some of those elected nade it to the position thru votes buying and or thru nepotism. Akala ninto ha.

The Ca t


At 8:06 PM, Anonymous bayi said...

The fact that the possibility of a female Pope is a near impossibility (the use of the word "myth" attests to this) is indicative of gender discrimination in the Church. Or is it?

I am not a Catholic. This is just an observation.


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