Friday, April 01, 2005

I am lost, help

Dear mouse,

I know, I know, I did not blog yesterday. It's because I got lost.

Not in the depths of my meditations, solitude and meanderings....

Hanep, akala mo totoo.

Very puwetic ang dating.

Aksuhally, I visited my doctor. I have this pain in my wrist for a week now. I thought that it must be carpal tunnel syndrome. I need a pain killer prescribed by a doctor. Not the OTC extra strength tylenol. It does not work.

So, off to the doctor, I went with a friend driving for me. This was his first time to bring me to my doctor since, oftentimes, it was my lady friend who is very familiar with the place who did the task. She used to work in the hospital in that vicinity so she knows the place like the back of her palm.

This time, I was giving the direction. Left, right, left, right.

I remember my mom, who often warned my siblings, not to trust me when it comes to directions because i am a lefty. According to her we view the world in another angle of the planet. Mothers....they seem to know everything.

Then it happened...we were lost. I could not find the building.

It seemed, it just disappeared.

Instead, we found a small chapel.

Is this an ominous sign that I have to mend my ways ?

Is this a sign that I have to believe in angels in chariots ?(patama kay sassy), hehehe.

So three times, we went around the block.

Ahaaa, the cross street at the end of the block is different from the one I remember.

Does it mean, the whole block was moved ?

Hindi lang sampal-sampal me, mecsy, bugbog pa. Huwag kang sasama frat. Hindi bugbog ang gagawin mo, torture. bwahahaha

I asked my friend, where is Valencia?

Sabi niya: sa kabilang side ng main street.

We should have turned left and not right.

So we found my doctor.

Sabi ko sa kaniya.

I have been looking for you doc, for half an hour. Akala miya alibi ko dahil late ako sa appointment.

Diagnosis for my wrist: did I remember doing a task that could have violently wrench my joint not necessarily tearing a ligament?

I remember, fixing my curtain and I twisted my arm a little bit but the pain came a day after.

He said that it is possible that there is a delayed reaction.

Hanep pati ba naman, sakit nakakalimot pa at dumarating na lang pag nakaalala kahit huli.

After giving me prescription, he advised me also to refrain from eating fatty foods when he noted that my bp was a little over the normal reading. Sabi ko nagalit lang ako and kumain ako ng eggmayo sandwich for my breakfast. Saka pala, may dala yong kaibigan ko ng sitsaron na may suka.

Sabi niya: if you want to stay healthy, give these fatty foods, a holiday.

So yon ang gagawin ko.

Happy holidays mga p're.

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picture by polo.

CORRECTION: Sabi ni polo, hindi kaniya."From the web" lang daw. So whoever the creator is of the pic, pahiram ha?

Pero visit pa rin polo's photoblog. Galing ng mga NUDES niya.

O yan, polo, sabi nga ng berks, shameless plugging.

Pero talagang magaling si Polong beauticianslash VIckyBelo(napapabata niyaangmgamatatandaatnapapatandaniya angmgabata)slashcouturierpa.

The Ca t


At 10:03 AM, Blogger TinTin said...

A lefty like me. Ako okay lang sa direction pero kelangan ko talagang isipin kung nasaan ang kanan at kaliwa ko bago ko malaman kung ano talagang direksyon ang tama.

At 11:32 AM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

cat.. hindi ba sabi ng mga ninuno sa punso sa pinas, pag naligaw ka daw, baligtarin mo ang 'yong damit at hindi ka na maliligaw(unless naliligaw ka lang ng landas, of a diff. kind)question..damit lang ba sa labas ang babaligtarin? question again...kung ikaw ay lefty, lefty din ba ang lovelife mwah?have a nice left side weekend, i have to go back to work tomorrow, my glory days of medlv are over. back to the salt mines. hmmmmmm!!!

At 11:50 AM, Blogger JMom said...

LOL! lefty din ako. Kaya pag nagbibigay ako ng direction sa asawa ko, lagi niyang tanong, You mean your other left? hehe!

At 12:46 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

that's right.

hindi ako kaliwete, sila ang kumakaliwa kasi sila right handed. meow...

so my mom is right. subconsciously talaga ,our right is left and vice versa.

At 5:03 PM, Blogger Mec said...


magaling ako mag-nude

does that count? talo ko na ba si polo? bwahahahahaha

At 7:43 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

mas maganda ka namang magnude kaysa kay polo.



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