Sunday, March 27, 2005

The World according to the Berks

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In case some of you are curious, the members of the berks have varied professions. we got a doctor, a lawyer, engineers, teachers, photographer/IT specialists,director/writer, poets, professional writers, businesswoman and a Ca t.


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We have nothing in common except sense of humor, right or wrong, right or left, right or right, whatever. Here is a sample where a simple sentence that is meant to inform can become a full blown script of gags.

The Ca t : may sakit si yuga.

LOLO JOSE: anong sakit nya? trangkaso or typhoid? parehong uso yan ngayon dito.

ZENNOR: Di ba yung typhoid yung lumalaki ang leeg ?

TATANG ROME: Thyroid yun . he he he, kakatwa ka…. Typhoid, di ba yun yung malakas na ulan?

APO GADANG: typhoon yun tatang. hahaha

SASSY LAWYER: thyphoid yung parang nakuryente buhok di ba? tapos nagiging sinto-sinto… balita ko si apo gadang at si batjay tig-3 beses na t inamaan nyan…

APO GADANG: HOOOY! hindi tatlong beses ha. dalawa’t kalahati lang. muntik lang yung last.

BONGK: hehehehe tipos lang yon hehehehe

THE Ca T: hindi na ba talaga titino ang usapan ninyo. Thypoid - yong error. past tense. typo d


The Ca t


At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

paki include nga ito!

an English teacher: Prefixed "Bi" is used to describe things that come in BIcycle or BInary.

Teacher to one of the student:
Can you give an example Jinggoy?

Student to teacher: yes maam! BAYAG.

Like I remember in a big hospital which has plenty of pinay nurses. on the 12th floor two american doctors got into the elevator, then on the 10th floor, three pinas nurses got in. standing infront of the elevator, then the elevator opened up on the 9th floor...then three pinay nurses standing outside the elevator asked the pinay nurses inside: BABABA BA? so the pinay inside the elevator replied...BABABA. on the 7th floor the same thing happened..the pinay nurses outside the elevator asked those inside..BABABA BA? the same reply...BABABA. then on the 6th floor all of the pinay nurses althoger walked out of the elevator leaving the two American doctors inside. then the two faced each other and one of them said: GOD DAMM...THEY ALL TALKED LIKE SHEEPS AND THEY UNDERSTOOD EACH OTHER! hmmmmmmm!!

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